Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caught in the act!

Tonight is the night that Mel and I go without internet, tv or movies. Yes, this is by choice. We have chosen to distance ourselves from the horrible (though entertaining) addiction to technology. Our no-internet night is not always Tuesdays. The night switches from week to week.

You may be wondering how I am posting this if I am not allowed on the internet. I confess, I broke the rule for 2 minutes to post this, but it was only 2 minutes. This is almost always the only night I feel like blogging. So instead of neglecting this I found a way to beat the system. I write the post on word than copy/paste. Don’t hate me Mel, actually, I know you won’t…but I’m sorry anyway.

I really do like this night. It’s a night where I am forced to think of something else to do and entertain myself through other means. Though I must admit, tonight has been more of a struggle than other nights. A) I don’t have a good book. B) I have lessons I should be working on. C) It’s raining and I can’t go to the dog park.

So to avoid my lessons I worked on organizing my teaching stuff and I put together a little activity for gym class. I wish I had a better name for it, but I don’t. The activity is called “Movement Varieties.” Yeah I know, it’s a boring name. But the activity isn’t boring at all.

The kids will roll the dice to determine the type of movement they will do. The purple dice have the types of movement: gallop, hop, roll, balance, etch. The blue and red dice will give directions as to how the movement will be performed: big, little, loud, zigzag, backward, etc.

For the dice above, the kids would keep their body at a middle level while running in a zigzag pattern.  This activity is really fun to watch – especially when the kids get something incredibly silly and they just spend the whole time laughing. I love gym.

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