Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Time!

Tomorrow Charlotte is going to be induced...which means that tomorrow Charlotte and Frank are going to have a little baby.  It's crazy!  This day is finally here!  We've waited for so long it's almost unbelievable that we'll be holding that baby in our arms very soon!  I'll post pictures and updates later, of course.

In other news...Charlie and I had a successful trip to the dog park a few days ago.  I think she has finally gotten the crazy out.  We stayed for quite a while then took a walk around the park with a friend and her dog. 

I thought Charlie and Frank (a male bulldog) would interact more than they did on their walk together.  In fact, they didn't interact one bit.  They don't even acknowlege each other's presence.  It made the walk very easy, but it still surprised me that Charlie wasn't even interested.   But that's Charlie for you. 

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