Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday I made Charlie a little toilet outside. Today I took her out with me and expanded that small place into a sweet little puppy fort. Charlie felt trapped at first, but she finally got the hang of it.

She likes to eat the snow.

It's the ears. And the nose. Oh and the eyes too. They always get me. Every stinkin' time.

This is a glimpse at my fort. Which, I might add, only broke down its defenses one time. She swam through the ocean of snow to get to the neighbors dog. Then she realized that she was free - and she took off. Don't worry - I eventually caught her.

Snow became a treat - once it came from my hand.

There it is...that face again.

Here is a video of my baby enjoying her fort. You'll notice that several times she goes to the entrance and contemplates leaving...well...escaping. Here's what's happening. Charlie runs to my side of the fort, steals some snow, and runs it back to her area. That is where she eats it, decides she's still hungry, and returns to steal more snow from me.

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  1. Too cute! Nice fort. You had a lot of experience building forts after all the ones you made in our yard.