Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charlie Plays the Piano!!

I am so excited about this! We learned a technique last Sunday at class that helps our dog gain confidence. Here are the basics:

We place a strange object on the floor. In the beginning you click and treat when the dog even looks at it. Then you click/treat any time they try something new or explore a new surface of the object. Then you click/treat for each new action. The trick is to click at the right time and put the treat on the object. Charlie was given a little piano.

It's so awesome to see her little mind working. You can see that she does something and then gets a treat, then she'll do it again. But I trimmed out all the boring stuff (you can thank me later), so all you will be seeing is my cute pooch playing the piano. At first it is just an accident...but she figures it out real quick!

One of the neatest things is that I didn't tell her to do anything - she figured it out all by herself. Another thing I love is that you can't see my body so it just looks like I have super long arms.


  1. Hey. It won't let me play the video! Rats

  2. OK. That time it did. What a crack up! I wonder how long you could go before she was full!?! Never?