Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's been over a week since my last post. Don't worry - I have a good reason...in fact I have about 50 good reasons.

Things have started to pile on. I don't know why, in the middle of the year, I have become very, very busy. Though it might be because, all of a sudden, I have a lot going on. They are all great things - but they can pile up.

1. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in two weddings this summer - which I am completely ecstatic about!
2. I am going to be an aunt soon. While that doesn't have a lot to do with me, it has resulted in number 3...
3. I am trying to get my work done ahead of time so I can call off at a moments notice to go home when the baby comes. Dear Baby Grosso, March 5th would be perfect. Love, Your Favorite Aunt.
4. I have taken on a new project at school that I am very, very excited about - but it requires a lot of preparation.
5. I forget things all the time, thus I am spending much needed time doing forgotten things. This is the reason I had to drive all the way back home after arriving in York. It is also the reason I had to meet my Mom is Lancaster tonight because I forgot my debit card. I hate forgetting.

Lists have become my new best friends (as you can see from above). I can't do anything unless it is on the list.

This is the list I worked on tonight:
1. 2nd Grade Health Lesson
- books
- punch holes
2. Picture Day Lessons: I knew tomorrow was picture day...but for some strange reason I forgot (go figure) that the cameras would be in the gym - therefore, no Fitness classes tomorrow. Therefore, I need new lesson plans. ASAP.
3. Blog

I find it very sad that I had to add to my list something that I enjoy doing. Blogging is fun for me. I like blogging, even if you don't like what I blog about. I enjoy the process and I like working it out in my head. Sadly, it was on my to-do list tonight because I have not had time for it.

But though it feels like everything has piled on - I have something going on that I love. Mel and I have decided to have one night a week without internet and tv. I'll write more about it later, but I wanted to share that I have renewed my love of reading. So I'm off to read The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Goodnight!

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