Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome Back to Me

I haven't blogged since June. I'm not sure why I stopped. Maybe it was because I was busy. Maybe it was because I was lazy. But I think that it was because I had nothing to write about. Life wasn't changing. Nothing was happening. Nothing was getting better. I was moving through summer in a coma - counting down the days til I had to go back to work...not in the "I can't wait" kind of way...oh no...I was counting in the "my downfall will begin in..." sort of way.

Things have changed a lot since I had those feelings. Last July I finally let God rule my life again. I had searched for a new job and cried for a new job. I was just trying to survive. Ever since I let Him lead me, I have found a new sense of purpose. I know that I am supposed to be at Lincoln. I am supposed to be teaching these kids and working with these teachers. I am supposed to be where I am.

Finally realizing that has helped me be a happier person. I feel hopeful - and I haven't felt that in ages. I feel like each day is a new day and each day goes so quickly (I never thought that would happen).

I'm doing my devotions. I'm praying more. I'm listening more. I'm believing in myself more. I'm self-confident (most of the time) and I'm loving the new me.

I truly feel new.

Wow - this felt good. I think I'll start blogging again.

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