Monday, January 18, 2010


A couple weeks ago I did my first blog post since June of '09. It felt really good. It's a great outlet for me. I'm not a good writer as far as grammar goes. I can put into words how I feel or write about something I enjoy. But as far as correct spelling, punctuation, and word usage - I'm pretty horrible. As I'm sure you probably know (if you are a grammar genius).

I enjoy writing. I enjoy putting into words my experiences and emotions. I'm not terribly interesting or adventureous, but that's ok for me. This is my place to put "it" out there. To say what I want to say, though it isn't always what I really need to say.

I sat down at the computer, opened the blog, started a new post, and stared at a blank screen. As I started typing my first sentence I had no idea what would come out. But I feel like I said what I wanted to say - though I didn't know what I wanted to say until I said it.

Writing make me feel good. It lifts some of the burden from my own shoulders and (once again) puts "it" out there. I don't always have anything to write about...but I'm going to do it anyway.

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