Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Resolution

I never make New Year's Resolution. They always seem so fruitless and never seem to happen. So, for as long as I can remember, I haven't made one.

This year things are different. This resolution chose me. I didn't know it was happening until I was knee deep in it. Everything started about 3 months ago.

Things had been going great since the beginning of the school year when I finally chose to walk the path Jesus had defined for me instead of forging my own path (without success, of course). I decided I wanted to be a different person - a person who is true about their faith and doesn't just speak it, but lives it whole-heartily. It's been going great. I am building confidence in myself through Jesus' love and I am starting to feel alive again.

I just recently purchases a workout "game" for Wii. I also found this amazing church where I feel comfortable and so at home. My first week back at school was relaxing (even though the kids were crazy). That right there shows me that God is by my side in this fight. It seems like I'm starting to finally build myself into the woman I want to be.

Looking back on all of those things has shown me that God has chosen my path this year. He is starting me off on the right foot. So this year I've decided to follow his lead.

My resolution? To respect myself by taking care of my body and mind. To respect my spiritual growth by putting my faith in Christ and reading/learning/memorizing his word.

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