Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh Charlie's going to love me...

Charlie and I are going to the vet today. She has to get a rabies shot. Who knew that the puppy version of the rabies shot only lasted one year? I sure didn't.

But now I know - so now I have to do something about it. Dang it. When it really comes down to it, though - it's worth the $70 for the shot and appointment. Rabies is incurable once you get it and I cant imagine life without Charlie.

To give you a quick recap - Charlie and I started agility several months ago. She was great at it and I love doing it. It's exercise for her and me and we have a great time. But after taking the same course twice (she's not a delinquent, taking it multiple times is normal - I promise) I realized there is one important thing to work on: FOCUS.

We would get through 3 obstacles, maybe, and then her terrier nose took over and she was gone. The description for the class says it all:

"Do you envy other dog and handler teams that seem to work together in perfect harmony? (YES) Do you struggle to keep your dogs attention and keep him focused on agility or obedience? (YES) Do you have to fight to keep him on the course you want him to do? (YES) All these are due to a lack of focus and gaps in your foundation work."

Aside from the fact that Charlie is not a "him" that description describes my pup perfectly. I'm excited to begin our classes and see where it takes us.

It was horrible. Horrible for me and for Charlie. Horrible for Charlie because she gets all anxious and nervous at the vet (for example: whining constantly and pooping on the floor), which is probably why she got in a little scuffle while waiting to go in the room. It was also horrible because she had to get 2 shots.

It was horrible for me because I had to clean up the poop and watch her get 2 shots - plus, I had to pay for it. I think I'm more exhausted than she is.

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