Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She's still a dog

It almost feels like sometimes I forget that Charlie is a dog. I think that I can leave something on the ground and she won't destroy it. Or I think that she won't dig through the trash or pick up my socks.

Then it smacks me right in the face.


I had planned on having pancakes this morning. Then while I was doing the dishes I dropped the spatula on the floor and didn't pick it up right away. Halfway through the pile I realized Charlie wasn't hovering at my feet. I went to check on her and found her in the living room chewing on my one and only spatula. No pancakes for me.

While I was enjoying my time sleeping in I heard her chewing on something that was making a strange noise. I came out to find her chewing on a pepsi can...I don't know where she got it. I throw all of them in the recycle when I'm done with them. Especially after I came home to find one in pieces on the floor.

This is the thing that Auntie Sharon and Auntie Karen got me that grows grass hair. Nothing sprouting yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Charlie made her first yellow snow this morning. She didn't enjoy it too much though. The snow was covered with ice, but it would break as soon as she stepped on it. She didn't seem pleased with that. Look at those cute little prints.


I somewhat cleaned my car off while Charlie was sniffing around. There is a sheet of ice covering my entire car. I gave up trying to get it off my doors because I was worried about scratching the car. Charlie was enjoying the snow while I did all the hard work.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again...ouch

I've started exercising again. The fact that I even have to state that shows you how long it's been since I have worked out. I don't even wanna think about it. I used to be able to go for a 30 minute jog and it was no big deal - I'd be tired for sure, but it wasn't traumatic.

We are doing a Biggest Loser Pound for Pound challenge at school. Some of the teachers signed up and we are trying to lose weight. For every pound we lose, biggest loser donates 10 cents to a food organization - which equals out to a pound of food. Get it? Pound for Pound? Good.

I've been a horrible teammate so far. This started my first week of school so I wasn't terribly motivated but I wanted to be apart of something at school. I decided it was time to get my butt in gear.

It all started yesterday when I decided Charlie and I would go for a jog. She needs to lose weight too so I made her go with me to have a distraction from my ragged breathing. It started great. I felt good and Charlie was running too. Her run was more of a zig-zag pattern, but she was running. Then along the way we saw a lady with her two dogs talking to a woman with her child. They looked like they wanted to say hi so we went over.

The lady's wiener dog decided to flip out. Charlie and the hot dog got in a fight. Which I had to break up since the other lady just stood there holding her other dog that was also barking. In defense of my pooch I must say that it wasn't her fault. Charlie loves dogs so she went over to play and the other dog bit her right on the nose.

So as soon as I got Charlie off the other dog, we left and started jogging again. As we were leaving the woman holding the kid yells across the street "Looks like the dog is running you!" Thank you very much! It was very good natured - but had she known that this was my first jog in month she might have been more understanding.

Then I looked down to see Charlie just trotting along, not even running. Way to make me look bad dog! The least she could have done was run! Jerk. There I was all sweaty and red and Charlie was walking fast. We had to take 5 breaks along the way for Charlie to go potty. Four #1s and one #2. Sounds like some people I know.

I couldn't run today because of the gorgeous snow. So I didn't. We just took our walk. Then I felt guilty after eating junk food. So I told myself that if I found the workout DVD I'd blow up the ball and do the workout. Dang it, if I didn't find that DVD in 2 seconds. After 20 minutes of listening to that pump squeak like a kiddy toy, I was finally ready.

Have you ever tried to work out with a dog licking your face? If she wasn't chasing the ball or growling at it - she was licking my face, my hands, or my feet. There is a part where you lift the ball while doing squats and junk - Charlie thought I was playing with her so she kept standing up and biting the ball. After all the work I did to blow it up I would have been really angry if she popped it (but my butt and abs would have thanked her). If she wasn't licking me she was bringing me toys and dropping them at my feet, where I would conveniently trip over them.

I'll have to get used to it I guess. I don't know about you guys, but I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine Pictures

1. The Culberts stopped by on Saturday night. It was a nice visit. It was a good thing I have a dog crate and Wii because if it weren't for those two things the kids would have had nothing to do! Annie got her whole body into that crate, plus two couch pillows and a blanket.


2. Mom and Dad stopped by on their way back from Illinois to drop off some goodies/furniture. It was nice to see them. Looks like Mom got a hold of the camera.


3. Annie wasn't the only one to try out the crate. Leia: "Ginner can I live in Charlie's crate?" Me: "Yes, but only for tonight." Leia: "Ok. C'mon Charlie." And if you've ever heard Leia say Charlie you would think it was the cutest thing - it comes out more like Chawlie.


4. Auntie Karen and Auntie Sharon got me a house warming gift of "things every household needs." Like a pig pot holder. Charlie loved it - except when I made it bite her nose. The Box also included a plant-ish. It looks like a potato head in a fireman costume. You put water in the base and it gross grass hair. Don't worry - I'll track it's progress.


5. This is the awesome hutch that Grandma gave me. I love it. I haven't filled it yet because I'm just not sure what to put in it. It makes my dining room feel like a dining room! So does number 6.


6. This table is perfect. It's just the right size. Charlie likes it too. Now I'll be able to cut food without the table shaking.


7. We also received this sheep-skin-wool-thing. Charlie loves that stuff so I put it on the couch for her to enjoy. She slept on it last night.


8. This is Grandma Rustad's (great-grandma) mirror. I hung it behind my door to see how beautiful I look each morning. ;) Also, the scarf I am wearing was made my Auntie Sharon! It's so beautiful and intricate. I love it.


9. When I took this picture I was jealous of Charlie. It was nice and warm in her little cocoon of sunlight. Too bad I can't fit in there with her.


ps...Cricket, in #6 the card you got me is sitting on the window ledge, it's kinda hard to see because the sun washed it out. Anyway - the other day the heat blew it open and it starts singing "I'll say a little prayer for you." But I was in my room and had no idea what was going on. And I flashed to all those movies where the killer plays music really loud right before he attacks. So, needless to say, your card scared the poop outta me!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The Culberts stopped by for a visit tonight and some dinner. We went to Five Guys for dinner. They are apparently a very famous burger joint. And boy do they have gooood burgers. They are amazing. They make their own bread and all the burgers are freshly made. It was terrific.

Mr. Straight-Forward, Tommy, asked me "Ginner, I heard you are having trouble with school." He's so grown up. I love that kid. Always thinking of somebody else. He's just so thoughtful and he's only 6 years old. His questions always surprise me a little, but I love answering them.

On the way to get burgers Leia let us all know that she is scared of banella ice cream. Oops, I mean vanilla. She is quite the little girl. Then I found out that she is a Saint at heart - very particular. When I strapped her in Kelly said that she might start complaining about it being lumpy. She doesn't like it when her coat is lumpy under her seatbelth. She's a Saint for sure.

After they left I got very bored so I headed to my computer for some photoshop fun. I went through my graduation pictures and these two are my favorite.

We did this to Annie and she had no clue. She looks so cute.

WC Grad 12

Then Emily wanted one. The funny thing about this one, though, is that you don't really notice the people in the background because Emily looks so beautiful. I can't take my eyes off of her long enough to look at anyone else. She is really growing up.

WC Grad 12

I do wish I would have done something different with my tongue.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Many Things

There are a number of things I'd like to explore in this post - and they all have to do with my doggie. Right now she is asleep on the couch. Now, I don't know if your dog is a dreamer, but mine is. She barks and growls and you can tell when she is chasing something because her feet twitch. As I was sitting here watching her, I realized how wonderful it is that dog's dream. When you really think about it - why would a dog need to dream? But God saw fit to give them dreams. I think that is pretty cool. Unlike humans, they are not the most intelligent life on this planet, but humans and dogs both dream.

When Charlie isn't dreaming she is either sniffing, eating, or exploring. And I keep forgetting to protect myself from this sniffing, eating, and exploring. I keep coming home to toilet paper on the floor, toy stuffing all over, broken bones, tennis balls under foot, clothes on the floor, etc.


She is so sneaky! At home I couldn't find a tennis ball to save my life - now I have 5. There are 3 currently sitting within 2 feet of each other. I need to teach her to pick up after herself - and I honestly would - if I knew how. And she looks so innocent when she sleeps - riiiight.


I think she likes having over half the couch to herself. She changes positions all the time. When I am in bed and I come out to see where she is, I always find her on my chair. She's sneaky alright.

The automatic feeder is amazing! It's a lifesaver for me in the morning. Charlie should eat by 5:45 so she can poop before I leave...but it's not always easy getting myself out of bed that early. But I don't have to anymore. She knows now that the werring sound means food. I took this picture the first night I started using the feeder. She can smell the food in there, so I think she thought it was just going to keep rotating. Wrong.


This is my gym (it's a little dark because 7 lights are out). I put up some of the kindergartener's projects and some other stuff. I'm hoping that nothing happens to them. Hopefully the kids will leave it alone.


This is my desk.


Once again the video that I tried to post did not work. Ugh.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday was horrible. My classes were off the wall and all I did was yell at my fifth grade. I came home and, unfortunately for Cricket, call her about her interviews. After she gave me the update on how things went, she asked me about school - the poor girl.

I then proceeded to whine: I'm tired. I miss suburban kids. These kids don't pay attention. They don't care. They don't learn. No one cares about what I do....blah blah bleck. What it came down to was that I was seriously questioning my place here. I was ready to find a new job at that very second.

God gave me the encouragement I needed. Today I had 2 classroom teachers tell me that their classes had never been this good for the other teacher. One of my bosses came to observe me and on the way in commented about the class just leaving. She said that they looked like they had turned things around, and that was just as she passed them in the hallway. She stayed for about 15 minutes of my class. I got an email from her that said things looked good and that I was setting the students up for success.

That all happened before 1pm. Around 3pm I finally got it - it finally hit me that I had just been bombarded with encouragement. Duh! Goodness - it took me long enough to figure it out.

I'm not saying all of this to toot my own horn. What it really means to me is that when I needed it the most God gave me exactly what I needed, even if I didn't get it right away. When I finally realized it, it felt like my heart rate and blood pressure went down, and then my deltoids relaxed (I like anatomy and physiology, so sue me). The point is - I felt a physical difference in my body. I needed that encouragment so badly.

I have been listening to a certain hymn lately. It's called "Trust and Obey." Boy, is that ever perfect for me right now. Take a gander at the lyrics.

When we walk with the Lord
In the light of his Word
What a glory he sheds on our way
When we do his good will
He abides with us still
And with all who will trust and obey.

Trust and obey.
For there's no other way
To be happy in Jesus
But to trust and obey.

But we never can prove.
The delights of his love
Until all on the alter we lay.
For the favor he shows,
Or the joy he bestows
Are for them who will trust and obey.

And in fellowship sweet
We will sit at his feet
Or we'll walk by his side in the way.
What he says we will do
Where he sends we will go.
Never fear, only trust and obey.

That song has been a huge help for me. I feel like we sang it in High Point, but now that I look at some of the phrasing - I wonder if I would have really understood it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Size of a Watermelon

I'm pretty sure the title of this post is the direct size of my bladder. I've always known that I could hold it for a long time - but school has made me realize just how long i can hold it...

I get up at 5:30-ish. The bathroom is always the first stop (just like anybody else). Here is where it get's weird. I don't go again until after Charlie and I have gone for our walk - we usually get back around 4:30. Then I'll maybe go one more time before bed. It's freakin weird. I mean - that's a long time!

It comes in handy though when you have 3 classes in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. Makes me wonder how the regular people do it. You poor kids. Too bad you don't have the advantage I have. If there were ever a contest for who could hold it the longest - I would be the winner. And you, my friend, would be the loser. Oh wait - that's not correct p.e. would be the non-winner.

Also...on my last post I wasn't very clear - Esther got Charlie and automatic food dispenser thingy. It's sweet. There are 5 compartments in the feeder. When you set it for a certain time it turns and the new food appears in the opening. Cool! She's gonna be so freaked out by it - but it'll be hilarious. I haven't gotten to use it yet because it needs D batteries....and I don't have any.

Oh yeah - and Charlie wasn't sticking her nose in my pit. She was asleep and I had to reach my hand over her to type. My pit just happened to be where her nose ended up.

It's freezing in my apartment and I am coming home this weekend. Those two things have nothing to do with each other, but they are both true. Unfortunately I can't look forward to being warm at home because it's freezing there too.

Hola, mi familia - Mexicano en Viernes?


Yippee! It's snowing. Unfortunately school has not been canceled - bummer. Huge bummer. I learned something new yesterday. At my school - we don't make up snow days. Bring on the snow!

ps...check me out on twitter. It's a status update. I do it pretty regularly - if you wanna know what I'm doing...that's where to check. I put a permanent link to it on the right side of this page.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I need to be in bed, but I'm putting it off - and I'm going to regret that when the alarm goes off at 5:15. Charlie and I have been spending a lot of time together. When I lived at home - she never cuddled. Now that I'm the only one to hang out with she can't help but cuddle with me. I was sitting on the floor working and she decided to cuddle.


Thank you for the containers Culberts! It is perfect and I love it.


This was my note to myself - I hate doing the dishes. And I like to put it off.


See: I'm sure a good hostess never shares this info - but I'm doing this for a reason. Who would like to come to my apartment and clean my dishes?? Because I'm not doing it until I run out of plates. I used to do it til I ran out of spoons - but I only have 5 small that plan didn't last long.


This is what I get to see everyday as I open the frig. I get to see these little kiddies with I go home this weekend.


Here is the kitty. I kinda miss him. I'll even admit that somtimes I call Charlie "kitty." Oops. She doesn't know - don't tell her.


This is the oh-so-wonderful gift Esther got Charlie. I say it's for Charlie because it will keep her alive next week when I'm at school for 12 hours. It fits right under the microwave stand-thingy.


Remember how I said Charlie likes to cuddle? Yeah - well here is how we spend our nights when I am working at my desk and she is tired. She sits and whines at me until I pick her up. Then she wants to get down - which is the signal for me to go to bed.


I like that she cuddles.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Clacking

This is what happens when someone walks within 50 yards of the front window. I told you before that I could tell when someone is close by the blinds clacking...this is what I meant:

Hmm...that vidoe finally I'll try the tour of my apartment. Writing this post is my entertainment while making pancakes...yummy pancakes. Welp, the video didn't work...must be too big. Oh well, you'll just have to be satisfied with Charlie's waggin' tail.

Oh, by the way, that happened about 15 times this morning!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Started

I went to Lincoln today to sign some papers and fill out some forms. Yippee. Kinda crazy - I start on Monday. I'm excited to get things going. The kids where uniforms to school - well, i think it's more like a dress code...khakis and a blue collared shirt. Which was actually very similar to what I wore to school today - khakis and a blue collared shirt. Great.

When I came home I felt pretty motivated to get cleaning...and then I took a nap with Charlie (who is currently whining like crazy).

After I woke up some guy from maintenance stopped by to check some stuff. Good thing they called and warned me ahead of time or I wouldn't have had time to change out of my nasty sweatpants, undershirt, and booties. Oh wait - that's right...they didn't call.


The above was from yesterday - I didn't get to post it because the video (that I worked so hard to shoot) decided that it didn't want to upload.

So here is the info from today: my first day at Lincoln.

I got there pretty early and got to shadow the teacher I'll be working with. It's a long and busy day. There isn't really any downtime and there is going to be a lot of typing. But their are two books, one for health and one for PE, each has detailed lesson plans laid out. The unfortunate thing is that I have to have all of my lessons typed up...which means I'll be re-typing all of the lessons from the books. I won't be doing them exactly has the books have planned, so I guess it's good that I'll be typing them all.

Unfortunately for you - I'm dog tired and have already started on lesson plans - so you're just going to have to deal with this dumb entry. But I'll finish it with a picture.

The caption that goes along with the above photo is: "Charlie farted...again."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Look Out

Charlie has a new favorite spot. She loves to sit on the window sill and watch the goings-on. Mom stuck her stairs by the window the other day and it has been a big hit. She saunters right up there and plops down to be entertained. I can always tell when someone is close by because the blinds start rattling.


She gets all excited and her tails starts wagging and the blinds start clacking. Then she whimpers and runs to the front door. She still doesn't understand that not everyone is here to see her.


I think she might like it better when the blinds are closed. She never sits up there when they are open. She has also claimed the corner of the couch as her own territory. Which is fine with me - as long as she doesn't try and take my chair.


I have the strongest urge to watch White Christmas right now. And to eat jello. Red jello - that I'll squish through my teeth while thinking of Esther. Ok, I won't really do that last part...I just wanted to gross Esther out.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Full Stomach

Today Mom dropped by with Kelly, Annie and Emily to drop off some stuff I had forgotten. I made some cookies for the occasion, plus I wanted to try out my new KitchenAid. Charlie really wanted them...really, really bad.


And I got a nice table cloth to cover the card table that is currently serving as a dinner table.


This is how Charlie has been spending her time.


Here is the kitchen in all it's brown goodness.


I made lemon chicken and rice tonight - all by myself. It was absolutely delicious. I loved it. I had to go to the store to get the ingredients, but it was only about 1 minutes down the road. Charlie was drooling.

I'm full. It's 9pm and I am ready for bed. Actually, I was ready 2 hours ago. So was Charlie. I'm a little jealous of her right now because she is already asleep.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Apartment...In all it's messy glory

I hate the be the bearer of bad news - but these photos stink. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time. Now that you know - we can move on. I will tell you though, that I plan to do a walk-through with my video camera so you can get a good look at the place. Just not now. I'm tired.

We started off the day at 7 am. Needless to say I didn't pick that time. But since the Muscles wanted to get up early - that is when we got up. By the Muscles I mean Dad and Mike. The had me all packed in the trailer then unpacked in 4 hours. It takes Charlie a long time to settle down in the car - but she finally did.


This is what my bed looked like until about an hour before bedtime. It's basically where we threw everything we could put away later.


Mom stayed over night and helped me get settled. It was great to have her here - I would have been lost without her (and not to mention unorganized). But the real reason I brought her was so that she could do all those dishes...and there were a lot.


Oh and look at this: isn't it beautiful? Cobalt Blue. I broke it in tonight making cookies.


This might be my favorite room so far - mostly because it all matches. It's a lovely shade of aqua-ish. The showerhead pretty much feels like water coming out of a fireman's hose - very powerful!


Charlie decided to lay right down in the middle of the hallway while we were walking back and forth. Just to help you get your bearings - Mom is in the bedroom, the doorway to the left is the bathroom, and the picture is being taken from the living room.


All the essentials: pizza hut, cookie dough, juice, and cheese. A frig all to myself.


Charlie sat right next to me while I made the cookies to make sure she wouldn't miss anything I dropped. That girl moves fast when she wants food. The other night Leia dropped a roll and Charlie had it before I could even make a move to reach for it. When I tried to pull it out she used her powerful jaws and held tight. I gave up.


That's all for now. Sorry the pictures are lame. You'll get better ones when I get energy.
Now it's time to play Wii.

I'm all moved in...

Yesterday Dad, Mom, Mike, and I moved me to York. It took us 4 hours from starting to pack til we had unpacked everything. This apartment is really nice and has plenty of space for all of my junk.

It has taken me only a few minutes to adjust - it took Charlie quite a bit longer. She was freaking out a little yesterday and kept going to the door. I thought she had to go potty since she was wimpering - I was wrong. She just wanted to sniff. I also think she was scared we would leave her there. So she would go to the door to let us know she was ready to leave.

We left the house yesterday at 8:15ish...Charlie didn't go to the bathroom until 4:30. That is a long time for one little dog. Though, it does give me hope that she'll be able to hold it all day when I start school.

I'll put pictures up later. For right now, in case you were checking, I wanted to let everyone know I'm in and it's gooood.