Thursday, June 4, 2009


Charlie is doing fine. She is acting a little strange, but that is to be expected.


She has two lovely hairless patches on her body now. The nipples that were so nicely hidden are now in plain sight. If you take a closer look at the stitches it looks like they gave her a new nipple - number 8.


When she first came home all she did was sit around and whimper. Then she would walk and whimper.


She was glad when Mom got here - someone else to baby her. Someone else to rub her tummy and scratch her head. In fact - Mom is rubbing her belly right now.


I put her steps by the couch because she isn't supposed to jump - but she has been jumping all day. She finally started using them. She has to be careful or she can tear her incision. Unfortunately - she doesn't understand english.


Notice that in the above picture she is laying in my chair on my shirt. She doesn't understand that it isn't her seat - it's mine. She's so drowsy - all she has been doing is sleeping all day. My poor baby.

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  1. Charlie girl is on the mend and I can see she has good nurses. She's in good hands. She'll heal fast with all the TLC she's getting.