Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Like Christmas

You know how when something exciting is going to happen the next day you can't fall asleep? Or how the next morning you wake up way early and can't go back to bed? That's what last night and today is like. I'm picking up Charlie today at 10am.

When I originally talked to the vet they said I would be able to pick her up between 9 and 10. I had planned on being there at 9 on the dot. Now I have to wait until 10am. Today is my day off - so I planned on sleeping in really late. I woke up at 8:30. I called Mom and she said "You're up early" and I said it was because I can't sleep.

I know, I know - she's just a dog, but she's my company. My apartment felt so empty last night - and I had no one to cuddle with when I went to bed. It would be different if she wasn't getting surgery - I'd be excited that I didn't have to take her out at midnight or pick up her poop. But she is getting surgery and I worried yesterday until I got the she's-ok phone call.

I'm such a dork and she's just a dog, but when they give you the "there's always a risk when we put them under" speech it's hard not to worry. I don't know how I'm going to handle having kids.


  1. It's hard to have your little dog not 100%. But if Susie could recover from her hernia surgery, I know Charlie can recover from her hysterectomy. By now she must be home and I'm sure you're giving her very tender-loving care! She is your little friend and it is lonely without them. I was so glad when Grandma got Susie 8 years ago. She sat alone so much and as we know, once Susie moved in, Grandma never sat alone again!

  2. Put a posting out soon so we know how Charlie is doing, OK?