Friday, June 5, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

I woke up from a long nap this evening and couldn't really decide whether it was all real. The end of the school day had been so chaotic that when I woke up I couldn't figure out if it had all really happened.

My school closed early today. Our original end date is next friday, but today at around 2:30 we got the announcement that this would be our last day. Because of all the illnessess going around and the increase in students getting sick, our school decided that the best thing to do would be to close early. It was the best deicision to make for the safety of the students and the staff.

Ok, all seriousness aside - I'M SO EXCITED! We are going in on Monday and Tuesday to clean up and finish grades, but other than that - I am done! I have done it! I have finished my first job. It's hard to believe that I've been working there 5 months. It really has gone very fast, but it has still been exhausting and tiring. It's nice to have an early summer.

It's also nice that I'll be done wearing gym clothes for a long time. In fact, today a student asked me "Ms. Saint, why do you always wear those pants?" And I thought "because I don't have anything else" but I didn't say that. What good timing - they asked me that on our last day! I won't have to wear those pants all summer!

This is just wonderful. It's also wonderful because now I will be able to attend the entire Saint Family Reunion. Considering the fact that I will no longer be teaching students my summer has officially begun!!

I did it! What a sense of accomplishment to know that I stuck with it and finished.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Charlie is doing fine. She is acting a little strange, but that is to be expected.


She has two lovely hairless patches on her body now. The nipples that were so nicely hidden are now in plain sight. If you take a closer look at the stitches it looks like they gave her a new nipple - number 8.


When she first came home all she did was sit around and whimper. Then she would walk and whimper.


She was glad when Mom got here - someone else to baby her. Someone else to rub her tummy and scratch her head. In fact - Mom is rubbing her belly right now.


I put her steps by the couch because she isn't supposed to jump - but she has been jumping all day. She finally started using them. She has to be careful or she can tear her incision. Unfortunately - she doesn't understand english.


Notice that in the above picture she is laying in my chair on my shirt. She doesn't understand that it isn't her seat - it's mine. She's so drowsy - all she has been doing is sleeping all day. My poor baby.

Just Like Christmas

You know how when something exciting is going to happen the next day you can't fall asleep? Or how the next morning you wake up way early and can't go back to bed? That's what last night and today is like. I'm picking up Charlie today at 10am.

When I originally talked to the vet they said I would be able to pick her up between 9 and 10. I had planned on being there at 9 on the dot. Now I have to wait until 10am. Today is my day off - so I planned on sleeping in really late. I woke up at 8:30. I called Mom and she said "You're up early" and I said it was because I can't sleep.

I know, I know - she's just a dog, but she's my company. My apartment felt so empty last night - and I had no one to cuddle with when I went to bed. It would be different if she wasn't getting surgery - I'd be excited that I didn't have to take her out at midnight or pick up her poop. But she is getting surgery and I worried yesterday until I got the she's-ok phone call.

I'm such a dork and she's just a dog, but when they give you the "there's always a risk when we put them under" speech it's hard not to worry. I don't know how I'm going to handle having kids.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two peas in a pod

Tomorrow morning I am dropping my favorite puppy off at the vets to be spayed. She seems to know what is going on. Ever since I got home all she does is lay around. I'm taking the day off on Thursday to watch her and make sure she doesn't mess with her stitches. Aw, my baby's gonna have stitches.

But I feel better since I know that she will have a friend that understands it all. Mom is coming to visit on Thursday so that she can take a shift of babysitting on Friday. I will be the only female in my apartment that still has a uterus.

And if they offer her uterus to me in a brown paper bag I just might throw up! I might actually throw up when they give me the bill. I don't even want to see it. Just take my money and I'll cry myself to the car with my comatose dog in my arms.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a quick note

I only have 7 days left of teaching this year. Technically we aren't done until next Friday, but I have a personal day on Thursday and I don't teach next Friday. As I get closer to the end of the year I have realized one of the main reason I am looking forward to ending the year.

I am so sick and tired of wearing the same stinkin close every other day. As a first year teacher I do not have an extensive wardrobe. I have about 2 pairs of gym pants that fit comfortably - needless to say I have been wearing them OFTEN. I'm ready for summer and jeans and t-shirts.

This summer I'll hopefully be doing a great amount of clothes shopping. My health wardrobe is fine, not great, but fine. My gym wardrobe definitely needs some help.

I think when it all comes down to it - that is one of my top 3 reasons to look forward to summer.

ps...Auntie Karen, when you watch New In Town - let me know what you think of it.