Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Ugly Duckling

Ok, I give up. I tried to upload the video for an hour and it didn't work. Now I'm trying to use youtube to upload it.

I was watching the old disney cartoon and writing out a lesson to use it for my kindergarteners when I realized that Charlie was watching as well. Momma Duck and Daddy Duck soon realize that the little white guy looked a little different. They start having a very animated discussion (no pun intended, maybe). Charlie was intrigued by their argument.

The loud music you hear at the end is when Momma Duck slaps Daddy Duck - I have a feeling he made a pretty rude comment about why that little duck is white.

I had a hard time holding in my laughter. I had to play this section of the movie 3 times to get the video and she did it every time! Oh boy, I need to go to bed - the things that make me laugh these days are getting sillier and sillier


  1. Charlie and Betty Lou should meet each other - they both like to watch TV! So cute.

  2. And Charlie looks great with her hair cut! She doesn't look like a mutt at all. Funny how they watch TV sometimes.