Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pee Face

Charlie has earned herself a new nickname. Pee Face. It's exactly as it sounds. I went to the dog park last night with another teacher from my school. The dog park is absolutely amazing and I love going there. Who knows - maybe I'll go there every night.

It's very relaxing. All I need to do is keep an eye on her every once in a while to make sure I pick up any poop she leaves behind. But other than that - she can roam and run and play.

Since my friend's dog is over 30 lbs we went into the bigger dog area. Charlie was doing a good job of holding her own. She chased around this huge lab for about 5 minutes because she wanted the toy - needless to say, she never got it.

But now let me explain her new nick name. A large dog came sniffing around us to say hello. He wondered over a few feet and Charlie followed him. He found the perfect spot to pee and lifted his leg. Apparently Charlie thought this was the opportune moment to greet this large dog.

He peed right on her face. Literally, right on her nose. It was histerical. She came back over to me all embarrassed. It was her own fault. He was going to pee and she stuck her face right up in there to sniff. Then she wouldn't let me wipe it off. Gross.

Other than that and a minor incident with an 80 lb puppy - she did pretty well in the big dog area. And she got a lot of running in too.

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