Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have random thoughts running through my head so I'll just list them out for you. I'm sure you'd love to hear them.

The dog across the street has been barking for the last 3 hours. I want to put a muzzle on it.

The dog laying on my couch has been asleep since is now 10:19

We had a picnic today and I definitely got burnt.

Have you ever read the directions for Aloe? "Apply generously and freely to all areas." Now that is a direction I can handle.

I am currently watching a very sucky Mummy III, The something or other of the Dragon King. It sucks.

The first Mummy movies is one of my favorite movies.

I watched New in Town a few days ago. It is set in Minnisota. It was like watching Grandma on tv. They sure do have their own way of speaking, don't ya know.

I have put on 3 layers of aloe.

I'm trying a new church tomorrow.

The lady in this movie has a horrible fake british accent. Horrible, awful, and terrible. It's driving me nuts.

I'm craving ice cream and a pepsi - and I have neither.

I'm officially taking out this movie and putting in the original Mummy movie. Oh - the characters have just been I didn't see that coming.

My dog just got up - oh wait - she was just readjusting.

My toes are cold.

I love the 1930's style of clothing...but the hair sucks.

I have spent way too much money at Redbox in the past week.

I should just go to bed.


  1. What is Redbox? I'll have to check out that MN movie seeing as both my mom and my husband are from MN!

  2. I just checked out Redbox online. We don't have those here. We're deprived.