Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Brain

Today I taught health. The lesson for kindergarten was about the brain and it's function. We talked about what it looks like, how to protect it, and why we need it. After our discussion about the brain, we played a game.

The game was simple. When you catch the ball say one thing your brain helps you to do. My example was "My brain helps me teach." I got lots of great answers. My brain helps me run/learn/think/remember/play. My second favorite answer was "My brain helps me listen to the teacher." Hmm, wonder why I like that one?

I say it was my second favorite because there was a definite all time number 1. We were sitting in our circle passing the ball around and little, talkative Jamal pipes up, out of turn, and says "My brain helps me do the stanky legg." I couldn't even reprimand him because I was laughing. It's histerical, but it's true - his brain does help him do the stanky legg.

You're probably wondering what the "stanky legg" is, which is natural. It's the latest trend in dancing - according to my students. Every grade talks about the stanky legg. Since I'm sure you are uneducated as to the stanky legg - here is a link. But be warned! The video does result in headaches.


  1. Love the new look of your bog. I want a copy of that picture you have on your banner. Would you email it to me?

    Your student taught me something!!!

  2. your blog does look super cute! I love the stanky leg the way, btdub: )