Friday, April 3, 2009


I just encountered my first problem with my chewed up remote.


It's Friday night and I'm starting my Weekend On the Couch. Yes, I have named it. Mom lent me her season of NCIS. I plan to spend my entire weekend in this seat with my feet up and my eyes on the tv...or closed. I haven't decided about that last part yet. That's beside the point.


As I'm watching episode 2 I realized that the red lipstick is basically shining out of the screne like a spotlight. Along with all things red. So as I searched around the remote, randomly pushing blank buttons, I did many things - none of which included changing the intensity of the color red. I switched from DVD mode to AUX. I froze the screen without hitting pause. I went back to scene one. I also found out there are no subtitles in NCIS.

I searched through my computer to find the pictures of the remote. The ones I took so I could find buttons I needed to find.


See the pause button? Go up 3 and over 1 - thats the picture button. Through the process of elimination I finally found it, because I obviously didn't catch it in this stuning photo.

May not be that exciting for you, but I don't have much to choose from. It's either that or wait for Charlie's little puppy body to freak out and watch her sprint around the apartment. Then I could try and catch it on film - for the 100th time. Sometimes she runs so fast that her back end literally slams into the headrest on the couch. She's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a chihuahua, and can leap corner couches in a single bound.

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