Sunday, April 19, 2009

Death of a Rhino

The Rhino. It was the first toy I got for Charlie even before I got Charlie. She even knew which toy I was talking about when I said "get your rhino" or in Mayo-speak: "gitcher rhino."


It used to be as big as she was. She loved that thing.


She loved it to death.


This was it's head.


She really loved it. The tail has recently disappeared. She used to carry it around and chew it like gum. Nasty, but it worked for her...she is a dog.


  1. Susie has had many a toy go the way of destruction! She destroyed the "ugly" pig Esther bought her and she's now working on destroying the weird blue "thingie" Deb brought for her. A destroyed toy is a loved toy!
    Can't wait to meet Charlie in person!!!