Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

So as along as I'm home and enjoying the snow - I thought I'd give you and update on the pup and myself. York got hit pretty hard with snow - from 6 am until now (9am) we've gotten at lease 5 inches. Taking Charlie to the bathroom in the snow is quite an adventure. She has trouble staying focused because she wants to play in the snow and not do what she needs to do.

When I got back to the apartment Charlie was more than happy to see me. Since there was a little snow on the balcony I let her out to experience it. She lasted about 2 minutes because it was absolutely freezing - but she had fun licking the snow while she was out there. You can tell by her white mustache.


Here is Charlie and her favorite toy - I snapped this picture right before the tip of that cone hit my camera smack-dab in the lense. Oops.


She is enjoying her curtains...I mean my curtains...but sometimes she can't get in because she stands on the bottom of the curtain and tries to push her nose through the middle. Sometimes she just pops her head out to check and see that I'm still around.


Enough about Charlie. School is going well, it's slowly getting better. There are days that are just awful and days that are good. Things are really getting better. It's a nice feeling. Some days I still doubt that I should be here, but I'm working on it.

Update on the weather: Charlie and I just went out for a potty break - she had a good time. Take a look at all the snow we got!





This next photo is of the snow that fell out of her coat when I took it off.



  1. So is she pooping or peeing in that one shot so just trying to walk?

  2. haha...good question -

    actually she was jumping. She decided that walking was fun enough so she was leaping through the snow like a deer. cute.

  3. I love how her coat glows in the pictures. Someone really nice must have gotten her that :-).

  4. Charlie needs little booties. We had those for our dog in Alaska! Her little coat, with the reflective stuff on it, is so cute. Ummm, I wonder how spoiled the non-dog grandchildren are going to be in this family some day??!!! By the way, that's LOTS of snow. Burrrr.

  5. i like charlie's snowstach!