Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long Hot Summer....again

I'm renewing my love with Paul Newman, actually - there is nothing to renew. I think he is a tremendous actor and a good man. I'm sitting in my bed writing this post and a section of the dialogue just caught my attention:

Allan: "Hows your school?"
Clara: "You mean that free-for-all I run in town? Those 350 young hellions who are making their last stand against me? I wouldn't say it was a summer on the riviera."

Ok, I changed the statement a little - Clara Varner didn't have 350 young hellions, she had 35. Lucky jerk. But anyway - School has been going well-ish. I'm trying new things and starting to see results. I just need to keep pushing through the hard stuff and then things will start to get easier. But I'm not gonna lie - I am really looking forward to summer. Charlie and I are going to have a lot of things to do and lots of places to go. I can't wait to show her off to all the folks in Illinois. I can't wait to drive to Maine and enjoy sleeping in a tent with 1 t0 5 children. I think the number of kids in my tent will depend on the night. But there better be at least 1 or I'll be scared!

For Right now I think I'll spare you the boringness of my life and leave you with some classic and some new phone pics.








Steak n shake_01

The girls_01

The girls

Did you notice that in all the pictures of me - I had long hair? I miss it...and I'm growing it out again. And when I get the urge to cut it off, someone gently remind me that I love long hair. A slap to the face would be a good reminder


  1. Ah, look how little Charlie was! Leiaboo too. Ya, guess I am ready for spring and summer. Eating outside is nice, if the bugs aren't bad and it isn't too hot.

  2. I love your hair short too! Nice you have the option...I've always had to just have short hair. Meanwhile, I have to say the most original picture of all you posted is Charlie in a diaper! Susie is looking forward to meeting her cousin.