Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duh Ladder

You've heard me talk about "the ladder" for weeks, months even. So I'm here to satisfy your desire to see the ladder. Dear friends, I present to you the Ladder of Success.


I know...a beautiful thing. But I tell ya, it's harder to use than it looks. Each of the pieces on top has a kid's name on it. You move them up and down the ladder depending on their behavior.

The picture of the baby is little Ethan. Their teacher just had a baby and is out on maternity leave, so she sent in a picture of her beautiful boy for her class to see.

Isn't it nice that I have my camera back?? I know I love it. Considering that this was the last picture I took before the battery died...


Yeah...I'd say it's been awhile.

As I'm sitting here typing away - Charlie decides it's time to hit the hay. Isn't she cute?


But here's a better picture. In this picture - you can see the new speakers I got for my laptop! Yay! They are wonderful.


My laptop has become my new tv. Since I don't have cable, I spend a lot of time perusing hulu.com. But the speakers on my laptop are hardly adequate to watching tv. I can barely hear the sound over Charlie running around the apartment. These speakers don't need to be plugged into the wall and they have great sound. Infact I'm enjoying them right now.


  1. Charlie is one cute little girl.

  2. haha I like the baby on the ladder.