Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yippee Skippy!

I'll finally be able to sleep in until 9 on a Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm so excited! I bought curtains for my bedroom for several reasons - 1. I needed some sleep. 2. Charlie is breaking the blinds. 3. They are cool.


Thank you Esther ;) Charlie wasn't too sure about the cutrains at first -but she got used to them. This morning as I was getting in my car I saw her nose scooting around the curtains to find the middle - it was quite hilarious...especially at 7 am.

Later that night I realized I hadn't seen Charlie in about 1 hour and a half...which is strange. In such a small apartment I see her all the time. I went into my room later and found her asleep...she fell asleep at 7pm!


I'd like to say that I did finally unpack that bag - at 9pm. Don't you hate that the curtains don't touch the ground like they are supposed to? I don't/kinda do. But It took forver to get them in...it felt like I was drilling into a rock wall. I had to keep going up and out to find a good spot. Yes, there are 2 empty holes in the wall now.

This next one is just because she's cute - but I'm sure you know that enough by now.


Don't worry Dad, I had it on cruise when we took that photo. Kidding! We were at a red light. No, I'm not choking her. Yes, I made her head face the camera...so sue me!


  1. I just looked at this post again and realized something - Charlie looks like she is gonna throw up in that last photo.

  2. I love the curtians! Really makes the room nice. Blinds don't add anything to a room. Love the picture of you and Charlie driving.

  3. Curtains are really pretty and much more quiet than the blinds when Charlie wants to get to her perch! I think you got yourself a winner when you picked Charlie! Can't wait to meet her in person. Will be fun to see what her and Susie do when they meet.