Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yes, I'm a slacker. I haven't posted in over a week. What am I thinking? I have things to post. I do! I swear! Like the card from Auntie Karen that Charlie ate, or the pillow I'm working on, or the paint by numbers I'm working on, or the pile of clean laundry sitting next to the computer, or the suitcase that still needs to be unpacked.

The problem is that I actually have things to do now. Like clean up Charlie's messes, or work on the pillow, or work on the paint by numbers, or fold laundry, or clean the bathroom, or do the dishes, or...anyway....

Even today, I feel like I have too many things to do to fit into one day. Which is why I am leaving for work in 8 minutes (which will be 6 am). I have a ton of grades to do that I had planned on doing last night, but I didn't have the write website to get to our grades!

So I'll work on that this morning in hopes that I can get it done in time to take a short nap before class!! I'm pooped and I'm ready for it to be Saturday.

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  1. I'm glad Charlie liked the card! Can't wait until I meet her this summer...oh, yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you and my sister too!