Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm starting to get angry...

I get shocked by everything. And I mean every thing. Every thing in this apartment shocks me: Charlie, the lamp, the filing cabinet, my phone, the light socket, my keys, and the kitchen sink (literally). I'm going crazy. I can't handle all this electricity!

I have a touch lamp that turns off every time I plug something in. Apparently, it's very sensitive and doesn't like sharing. I leave it on the lowest setting during the night because I'm scared of the mean because that's how Charlie likes it. Anywho...Tonight I had turned all the other lights off and walked over to turn the lamp on. My finger was still an inch away when I saw the lightning bolt shoot from the lamp to my finger! Ugh! It was so bright it looked like a camera flash went off!

Then I went over to pick up my phone and, of course, I got shocked. Apparently that was too much for the touch lamp to handle because when I got shocked it shut off. I'm going crazy with all the shocking! It's a hazard - I have to warn people about it when they come in. But let's change the subject.

I've been robbed!


Oh wait - just kidding.


Charlie left me a present yesterday. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



  1. Ah, you need your mom to come and clean for you :-). soon. When she is no longer working :-)!!!

  2. I need your mom to come and clean for me tooo - soon.

  3. Have you tried Static Guard? It comes in a spray can and check Wal-Mart or even a grocery stores. I used it all the time in Fairbanks since it was so dry there. We had to be careful to not blow out computers because of the high level of static electricity and would spray it on the rug around the computer & other electronic equipment (but not ON the equipment). It works on clothes, hair brushes, etc. Directions on the can. My tip-for-the-day!