Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be My Valentine

Tonight was my night to just hang out. I had planned on going home right after school, but because of exhaustion and other circumstances (my fam being gone and the Culbert's ditching me) I decided to just hang out here. I'd watch tv (on hulu), hang out, play with Charlie, and relax. Then I wouldn't be in a hurry to get anywhere and I would be more relaxed.

While reading the Pioneer Woman's website today I discovered some valentine cards that we available to download. You could download the valentines in color or black and white. Since I don't want to spend a billion dollars on ink cartridges, I opted for the coloring book style.

And I'm very glad that I did. Tonight was maybe the most relaxing night since I've been here. Aside from the fact that my hand is exhausted, I had so much fun coloring.


I spent all night watching the Fringe. It's not my favorite - but it's ok. The crazy king of Gondor from Lord of the Rings is one of the main characters. He's good.


Since Esther is the only one who isn't in the country to receive her valentine - I'll deliver it through this post. Happy Valentine's Day Est! I'm cheap - so it doesn't come with candy.


But it does come with a cute tiny heart.


I colored 24 of these suckers...and I think this one is my favorite. I had a lot of fun coloring things the wrong color. Which would explain a blue lady bug, pink bear, pink bunny, orange whale, pink whale, and yellow bear.


I've always known this (but today made it more evident) but I really don't like the color yellow. It's awful - it only matches green and orange. Boring. Yellow and blue as a combo have been ruined for life because of High Point - not that I didn't like High Point, but I really just hate those colors together. I really don't like yellow. So I had to force myself to use some yellow on my valentine cards. Weird, I don't really know where it started - but I don't like the color yellow.

Charlie was a little upset that she wasn't getting my full attention, maybe that's why she crawled under the nightstand. She was wining so I was worried she was stuck - I was wrong. She was just being cute.


Oh, by the way, I saw a Border Terrior on the Westminster Dog Show (on hulu of course) and I discovered something - Charlie's fat. Really fat. So fat, in fact, that when I call her "Fatty" now - I feel slightly guilty. Compared to Charlie - the Border Terrier on the show looked like he had been starved for 3 weeks, but I'm very happy with my pudgy puppy.

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  1. Thanks Ginner! I love it :) I'm glad you had a relaxing night. You and mom are both so relaxed by coloring. Funny... I guess I'll add that to the mini me list.