Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine Pictures

1. The Culberts stopped by on Saturday night. It was a nice visit. It was a good thing I have a dog crate and Wii because if it weren't for those two things the kids would have had nothing to do! Annie got her whole body into that crate, plus two couch pillows and a blanket.


2. Mom and Dad stopped by on their way back from Illinois to drop off some goodies/furniture. It was nice to see them. Looks like Mom got a hold of the camera.


3. Annie wasn't the only one to try out the crate. Leia: "Ginner can I live in Charlie's crate?" Me: "Yes, but only for tonight." Leia: "Ok. C'mon Charlie." And if you've ever heard Leia say Charlie you would think it was the cutest thing - it comes out more like Chawlie.


4. Auntie Karen and Auntie Sharon got me a house warming gift of "things every household needs." Like a pig pot holder. Charlie loved it - except when I made it bite her nose. The Box also included a plant-ish. It looks like a potato head in a fireman costume. You put water in the base and it gross grass hair. Don't worry - I'll track it's progress.


5. This is the awesome hutch that Grandma gave me. I love it. I haven't filled it yet because I'm just not sure what to put in it. It makes my dining room feel like a dining room! So does number 6.


6. This table is perfect. It's just the right size. Charlie likes it too. Now I'll be able to cut food without the table shaking.


7. We also received this sheep-skin-wool-thing. Charlie loves that stuff so I put it on the couch for her to enjoy. She slept on it last night.


8. This is Grandma Rustad's (great-grandma) mirror. I hung it behind my door to see how beautiful I look each morning. ;) Also, the scarf I am wearing was made my Auntie Sharon! It's so beautiful and intricate. I love it.


9. When I took this picture I was jealous of Charlie. It was nice and warm in her little cocoon of sunlight. Too bad I can't fit in there with her.


ps...Cricket, in #6 the card you got me is sitting on the window ledge, it's kinda hard to see because the sun washed it out. Anyway - the other day the heat blew it open and it starts singing "I'll say a little prayer for you." But I was in my room and had no idea what was going on. And I flashed to all those movies where the killer plays music really loud right before he attacks. So, needless to say, your card scared the poop outta me!


  1. Thought you would like the foot picture. What makes it better is that Dad didn't even notice I was doing it.

  2. mission is complete with the singing card....the prayer thing was just to throw you off!

  3. Glad you liked the household essentials Sharon and I got for you and Charlie! Didn't know your mom had found some of that fake-sheepskin stuff but Susie has a piece in the bottom of her bed and loves it. Glad Charlie loves it too. Your new furniture looks so nice in your place. And glad you took the is very old and definitely goes way back in the family. Auntie Sharon has always been really good at sewing and crocheting and the scarf looks really pretty on you. I'm putting the photos into Word and will take them to Grandma when I go see her next time.