Friday, January 23, 2009

Many Things

There are a number of things I'd like to explore in this post - and they all have to do with my doggie. Right now she is asleep on the couch. Now, I don't know if your dog is a dreamer, but mine is. She barks and growls and you can tell when she is chasing something because her feet twitch. As I was sitting here watching her, I realized how wonderful it is that dog's dream. When you really think about it - why would a dog need to dream? But God saw fit to give them dreams. I think that is pretty cool. Unlike humans, they are not the most intelligent life on this planet, but humans and dogs both dream.

When Charlie isn't dreaming she is either sniffing, eating, or exploring. And I keep forgetting to protect myself from this sniffing, eating, and exploring. I keep coming home to toilet paper on the floor, toy stuffing all over, broken bones, tennis balls under foot, clothes on the floor, etc.


She is so sneaky! At home I couldn't find a tennis ball to save my life - now I have 5. There are 3 currently sitting within 2 feet of each other. I need to teach her to pick up after herself - and I honestly would - if I knew how. And she looks so innocent when she sleeps - riiiight.


I think she likes having over half the couch to herself. She changes positions all the time. When I am in bed and I come out to see where she is, I always find her on my chair. She's sneaky alright.

The automatic feeder is amazing! It's a lifesaver for me in the morning. Charlie should eat by 5:45 so she can poop before I leave...but it's not always easy getting myself out of bed that early. But I don't have to anymore. She knows now that the werring sound means food. I took this picture the first night I started using the feeder. She can smell the food in there, so I think she thought it was just going to keep rotating. Wrong.


This is my gym (it's a little dark because 7 lights are out). I put up some of the kindergartener's projects and some other stuff. I'm hoping that nothing happens to them. Hopefully the kids will leave it alone.


This is my desk.


Once again the video that I tried to post did not work. Ugh.

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