Monday, January 5, 2009

Look Out

Charlie has a new favorite spot. She loves to sit on the window sill and watch the goings-on. Mom stuck her stairs by the window the other day and it has been a big hit. She saunters right up there and plops down to be entertained. I can always tell when someone is close by because the blinds start rattling.


She gets all excited and her tails starts wagging and the blinds start clacking. Then she whimpers and runs to the front door. She still doesn't understand that not everyone is here to see her.


I think she might like it better when the blinds are closed. She never sits up there when they are open. She has also claimed the corner of the couch as her own territory. Which is fine with me - as long as she doesn't try and take my chair.


I have the strongest urge to watch White Christmas right now. And to eat jello. Red jello - that I'll squish through my teeth while thinking of Esther. Ok, I won't really do that last part...I just wanted to gross Esther out.


  1. Love the butt shot. You need to post pictures of your front room now.

  2. Your apartment is awesome!! You have made it look so nice already :) I love it.

    Thanks for the jello comments. It made me gag!

  3. Ginner and her family, Charlie! You're going to have one happy little "doggie in the window" when you come home from your first day of teaching!

  4. That last comment was supposed to say "KarenRuth" in case you wondered who posted it.