Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm all moved in...

Yesterday Dad, Mom, Mike, and I moved me to York. It took us 4 hours from starting to pack til we had unpacked everything. This apartment is really nice and has plenty of space for all of my junk.

It has taken me only a few minutes to adjust - it took Charlie quite a bit longer. She was freaking out a little yesterday and kept going to the door. I thought she had to go potty since she was wimpering - I was wrong. She just wanted to sniff. I also think she was scared we would leave her there. So she would go to the door to let us know she was ready to leave.

We left the house yesterday at 8:15ish...Charlie didn't go to the bathroom until 4:30. That is a long time for one little dog. Though, it does give me hope that she'll be able to hold it all day when I start school.

I'll put pictures up later. For right now, in case you were checking, I wanted to let everyone know I'm in and it's gooood.

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  1. Ginner - Good luck with the new job and apartment!! I heard all about the exciting news from Est. This is such an awesome time for you - enjoy it!!!! I know you'll do great!