Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Started

I went to Lincoln today to sign some papers and fill out some forms. Yippee. Kinda crazy - I start on Monday. I'm excited to get things going. The kids where uniforms to school - well, i think it's more like a dress code...khakis and a blue collared shirt. Which was actually very similar to what I wore to school today - khakis and a blue collared shirt. Great.

When I came home I felt pretty motivated to get cleaning...and then I took a nap with Charlie (who is currently whining like crazy).

After I woke up some guy from maintenance stopped by to check some stuff. Good thing they called and warned me ahead of time or I wouldn't have had time to change out of my nasty sweatpants, undershirt, and booties. Oh wait - that's right...they didn't call.


The above was from yesterday - I didn't get to post it because the video (that I worked so hard to shoot) decided that it didn't want to upload.

So here is the info from today: my first day at Lincoln.

I got there pretty early and got to shadow the teacher I'll be working with. It's a long and busy day. There isn't really any downtime and there is going to be a lot of typing. But their are two books, one for health and one for PE, each has detailed lesson plans laid out. The unfortunate thing is that I have to have all of my lessons typed up...which means I'll be re-typing all of the lessons from the books. I won't be doing them exactly has the books have planned, so I guess it's good that I'll be typing them all.

Unfortunately for you - I'm dog tired and have already started on lesson plans - so you're just going to have to deal with this dumb entry. But I'll finish it with a picture.

The caption that goes along with the above photo is: "Charlie farted...again."


  1. Well, at least she farted in your house not ours :-). Nice to see a little of Charlie since getting her "hair done." Have a great day and ITS FRIDAY. Nice to have two days to get ready for Monday teaching and not jump in the next day.
    Love, The Mom

  2. are you sure it just wasn't you? i mean, you don't really have to blame the dog anymore ginner...

  3. Thanks, Cricket, for revealing "the rest of the story!"