Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Apartment...In all it's messy glory

I hate the be the bearer of bad news - but these photos stink. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time. Now that you know - we can move on. I will tell you though, that I plan to do a walk-through with my video camera so you can get a good look at the place. Just not now. I'm tired.

We started off the day at 7 am. Needless to say I didn't pick that time. But since the Muscles wanted to get up early - that is when we got up. By the Muscles I mean Dad and Mike. The had me all packed in the trailer then unpacked in 4 hours. It takes Charlie a long time to settle down in the car - but she finally did.


This is what my bed looked like until about an hour before bedtime. It's basically where we threw everything we could put away later.


Mom stayed over night and helped me get settled. It was great to have her here - I would have been lost without her (and not to mention unorganized). But the real reason I brought her was so that she could do all those dishes...and there were a lot.


Oh and look at this: isn't it beautiful? Cobalt Blue. I broke it in tonight making cookies.


This might be my favorite room so far - mostly because it all matches. It's a lovely shade of aqua-ish. The showerhead pretty much feels like water coming out of a fireman's hose - very powerful!


Charlie decided to lay right down in the middle of the hallway while we were walking back and forth. Just to help you get your bearings - Mom is in the bedroom, the doorway to the left is the bathroom, and the picture is being taken from the living room.


All the essentials: pizza hut, cookie dough, juice, and cheese. A frig all to myself.


Charlie sat right next to me while I made the cookies to make sure she wouldn't miss anything I dropped. That girl moves fast when she wants food. The other night Leia dropped a roll and Charlie had it before I could even make a move to reach for it. When I tried to pull it out she used her powerful jaws and held tight. I gave up.


That's all for now. Sorry the pictures are lame. You'll get better ones when I get energy.
Now it's time to play Wii.

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  1. I think the move-in pictures are great. At least you don't have 300 boxes to unpack which is what I had when I moved into this place (stuff we had in storage in Alaska and hauled to Idaho and then Illinois). Send more soon as you have some energy!! Gonna be nice when you can get your table and chairs...somewhere to stack stuff besides your bed.