Friday, June 5, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

I woke up from a long nap this evening and couldn't really decide whether it was all real. The end of the school day had been so chaotic that when I woke up I couldn't figure out if it had all really happened.

My school closed early today. Our original end date is next friday, but today at around 2:30 we got the announcement that this would be our last day. Because of all the illnessess going around and the increase in students getting sick, our school decided that the best thing to do would be to close early. It was the best deicision to make for the safety of the students and the staff.

Ok, all seriousness aside - I'M SO EXCITED! We are going in on Monday and Tuesday to clean up and finish grades, but other than that - I am done! I have done it! I have finished my first job. It's hard to believe that I've been working there 5 months. It really has gone very fast, but it has still been exhausting and tiring. It's nice to have an early summer.

It's also nice that I'll be done wearing gym clothes for a long time. In fact, today a student asked me "Ms. Saint, why do you always wear those pants?" And I thought "because I don't have anything else" but I didn't say that. What good timing - they asked me that on our last day! I won't have to wear those pants all summer!

This is just wonderful. It's also wonderful because now I will be able to attend the entire Saint Family Reunion. Considering the fact that I will no longer be teaching students my summer has officially begun!!

I did it! What a sense of accomplishment to know that I stuck with it and finished.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Charlie is doing fine. She is acting a little strange, but that is to be expected.


She has two lovely hairless patches on her body now. The nipples that were so nicely hidden are now in plain sight. If you take a closer look at the stitches it looks like they gave her a new nipple - number 8.


When she first came home all she did was sit around and whimper. Then she would walk and whimper.


She was glad when Mom got here - someone else to baby her. Someone else to rub her tummy and scratch her head. In fact - Mom is rubbing her belly right now.


I put her steps by the couch because she isn't supposed to jump - but she has been jumping all day. She finally started using them. She has to be careful or she can tear her incision. Unfortunately - she doesn't understand english.


Notice that in the above picture she is laying in my chair on my shirt. She doesn't understand that it isn't her seat - it's mine. She's so drowsy - all she has been doing is sleeping all day. My poor baby.

Just Like Christmas

You know how when something exciting is going to happen the next day you can't fall asleep? Or how the next morning you wake up way early and can't go back to bed? That's what last night and today is like. I'm picking up Charlie today at 10am.

When I originally talked to the vet they said I would be able to pick her up between 9 and 10. I had planned on being there at 9 on the dot. Now I have to wait until 10am. Today is my day off - so I planned on sleeping in really late. I woke up at 8:30. I called Mom and she said "You're up early" and I said it was because I can't sleep.

I know, I know - she's just a dog, but she's my company. My apartment felt so empty last night - and I had no one to cuddle with when I went to bed. It would be different if she wasn't getting surgery - I'd be excited that I didn't have to take her out at midnight or pick up her poop. But she is getting surgery and I worried yesterday until I got the she's-ok phone call.

I'm such a dork and she's just a dog, but when they give you the "there's always a risk when we put them under" speech it's hard not to worry. I don't know how I'm going to handle having kids.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two peas in a pod

Tomorrow morning I am dropping my favorite puppy off at the vets to be spayed. She seems to know what is going on. Ever since I got home all she does is lay around. I'm taking the day off on Thursday to watch her and make sure she doesn't mess with her stitches. Aw, my baby's gonna have stitches.

But I feel better since I know that she will have a friend that understands it all. Mom is coming to visit on Thursday so that she can take a shift of babysitting on Friday. I will be the only female in my apartment that still has a uterus.

And if they offer her uterus to me in a brown paper bag I just might throw up! I might actually throw up when they give me the bill. I don't even want to see it. Just take my money and I'll cry myself to the car with my comatose dog in my arms.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a quick note

I only have 7 days left of teaching this year. Technically we aren't done until next Friday, but I have a personal day on Thursday and I don't teach next Friday. As I get closer to the end of the year I have realized one of the main reason I am looking forward to ending the year.

I am so sick and tired of wearing the same stinkin close every other day. As a first year teacher I do not have an extensive wardrobe. I have about 2 pairs of gym pants that fit comfortably - needless to say I have been wearing them OFTEN. I'm ready for summer and jeans and t-shirts.

This summer I'll hopefully be doing a great amount of clothes shopping. My health wardrobe is fine, not great, but fine. My gym wardrobe definitely needs some help.

I think when it all comes down to it - that is one of my top 3 reasons to look forward to summer.

ps...Auntie Karen, when you watch New In Town - let me know what you think of it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have random thoughts running through my head so I'll just list them out for you. I'm sure you'd love to hear them.

The dog across the street has been barking for the last 3 hours. I want to put a muzzle on it.

The dog laying on my couch has been asleep since is now 10:19

We had a picnic today and I definitely got burnt.

Have you ever read the directions for Aloe? "Apply generously and freely to all areas." Now that is a direction I can handle.

I am currently watching a very sucky Mummy III, The something or other of the Dragon King. It sucks.

The first Mummy movies is one of my favorite movies.

I watched New in Town a few days ago. It is set in Minnisota. It was like watching Grandma on tv. They sure do have their own way of speaking, don't ya know.

I have put on 3 layers of aloe.

I'm trying a new church tomorrow.

The lady in this movie has a horrible fake british accent. Horrible, awful, and terrible. It's driving me nuts.

I'm craving ice cream and a pepsi - and I have neither.

I'm officially taking out this movie and putting in the original Mummy movie. Oh - the characters have just been I didn't see that coming.

My dog just got up - oh wait - she was just readjusting.

My toes are cold.

I love the 1930's style of clothing...but the hair sucks.

I have spent way too much money at Redbox in the past week.

I should just go to bed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pee Face

Charlie has earned herself a new nickname. Pee Face. It's exactly as it sounds. I went to the dog park last night with another teacher from my school. The dog park is absolutely amazing and I love going there. Who knows - maybe I'll go there every night.

It's very relaxing. All I need to do is keep an eye on her every once in a while to make sure I pick up any poop she leaves behind. But other than that - she can roam and run and play.

Since my friend's dog is over 30 lbs we went into the bigger dog area. Charlie was doing a good job of holding her own. She chased around this huge lab for about 5 minutes because she wanted the toy - needless to say, she never got it.

But now let me explain her new nick name. A large dog came sniffing around us to say hello. He wondered over a few feet and Charlie followed him. He found the perfect spot to pee and lifted his leg. Apparently Charlie thought this was the opportune moment to greet this large dog.

He peed right on her face. Literally, right on her nose. It was histerical. She came back over to me all embarrassed. It was her own fault. He was going to pee and she stuck her face right up in there to sniff. Then she wouldn't let me wipe it off. Gross.

Other than that and a minor incident with an 80 lb puppy - she did pretty well in the big dog area. And she got a lot of running in too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Melissa's Visit

Melissa came to visit last weekend and we had a blast. So I made sure to prep my camera for any photo ops - and of course all the pictures I ended up with are of Charlie. She's so darn cute that it's hard to resist. Plus, she has just been groomed and she looks awesome.

In fact, she lost 3 lbs. I think that was all the hair. I took her to the vet before she was groomed and she weighed 19.9 lbs. We went last night and she only weighed 17.5 lbs. Way to go Charlie. But she does hate the vet. As soon as I shut the door to the room she peed on the floor. And then when the doctor came in she wouldn't even go near her. I don't know how I'm ever going to take my kid to the doctor - it's hard enough taking Charlie.

I'm getting off track. Charlie has been spending a lot of time on the balcony. She loves to watch the other dogs and the kids play around outside. Sometimes she even takes her toys out there - and then she drops them off the edge. I found one down there the other day that I didn't even know she dropped.


Melissa went to rescue it for her. Good thing Charlie has nice friends.


We played Wii Fit when Mel was here. Charlie parked her little behind right next to the board the whole time. It makes it a little hard to play some of the games when you might step on her. Wow - my feet look really weird in this picture. You can also see the stain on my carpet (no that is not from Charlie).


And this one is just cute. Her hair is always so light after getting groomed. Most of the black is gone.


She sat like this for probably 20 minutes. I found her out on the balcony staring at a squirrel. It's hard to see...look right over the top of her head. It's sitting on the brick wall.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Ugly Duckling

Ok, I give up. I tried to upload the video for an hour and it didn't work. Now I'm trying to use youtube to upload it.

I was watching the old disney cartoon and writing out a lesson to use it for my kindergarteners when I realized that Charlie was watching as well. Momma Duck and Daddy Duck soon realize that the little white guy looked a little different. They start having a very animated discussion (no pun intended, maybe). Charlie was intrigued by their argument.

The loud music you hear at the end is when Momma Duck slaps Daddy Duck - I have a feeling he made a pretty rude comment about why that little duck is white.

I had a hard time holding in my laughter. I had to play this section of the movie 3 times to get the video and she did it every time! Oh boy, I need to go to bed - the things that make me laugh these days are getting sillier and sillier

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie

Today Charlie is one year old. Today I forgot her birthday. Oops. I had it written on the calendar, but just completely forgot. Mom had to remind me. Charlie pretty much missed her birthday though. She slept all day. She slept on the couch, on the floor, on the balcony, and by my chair. Now she's asleep on my bed.

In honor of the little punks birthday I thought I'd show you the many faces of Charlie.

I originally had written "Feed me" for this picture but I think this one would be more appropriate: "Give me all your food!"


"Play with me!"


"Leave me alone."


"Give me my cone back."


"I'm so tired but I want to play with my cone."


"Don't leave me."


"I'm pooped."


Happy Birthday Charlie.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Death of a Rhino

The Rhino. It was the first toy I got for Charlie even before I got Charlie. She even knew which toy I was talking about when I said "get your rhino" or in Mayo-speak: "gitcher rhino."


It used to be as big as she was. She loved that thing.


She loved it to death.


This was it's head.


She really loved it. The tail has recently disappeared. She used to carry it around and chew it like gum. Nasty, but it worked for her...she is a dog.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pooch

I told you before how Charlie has recently discovered the wind. Now I'd like to clarify....Charlie's ear has recently discovered the wind.



This is the best one...


She loves it and so do I.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Brain

Today I taught health. The lesson for kindergarten was about the brain and it's function. We talked about what it looks like, how to protect it, and why we need it. After our discussion about the brain, we played a game.

The game was simple. When you catch the ball say one thing your brain helps you to do. My example was "My brain helps me teach." I got lots of great answers. My brain helps me run/learn/think/remember/play. My second favorite answer was "My brain helps me listen to the teacher." Hmm, wonder why I like that one?

I say it was my second favorite because there was a definite all time number 1. We were sitting in our circle passing the ball around and little, talkative Jamal pipes up, out of turn, and says "My brain helps me do the stanky legg." I couldn't even reprimand him because I was laughing. It's histerical, but it's true - his brain does help him do the stanky legg.

You're probably wondering what the "stanky legg" is, which is natural. It's the latest trend in dancing - according to my students. Every grade talks about the stanky legg. Since I'm sure you are uneducated as to the stanky legg - here is a link. But be warned! The video does result in headaches.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Favorite 5 Year Old

He's huge now. Getting so stinkin big and so stinkin cute. Conversations with Lukey are histerical and fun.

Somehow he ended up at the house Thursday night, the first day I got home. I was getting ready to go to a baseball game with Esther when my cell phone rang. Lukey got very excited because my ringtone is the theme music for Darth Vader, which of course he recoginized in an instant.

I told him to look at the phone and see who it was. Esther's picture comes up when she calls so I figured he'd see her and know. When I asked him who it was he didn't even hesitate.

"It's Darth Vader!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Day!

I finally went to bed last night at 1:30 after spending 2 hours untying a knot that Charlie created. It took me forever! I was at my computer, minding my own business, when I turned around to see my yarn in the living room even though the scarf it was attached to was in the bedroom. So I spent all night rolling it into a ball. Not to mention redoing the rows she had pulled out. The little punk.

This morning Charlie and I went to Petsmart because her nails were incredibly long. This is the first really nice day we've been in the car, and Charlie has discovered her love of wind.


When we stopped at a red light she noticed there were people next to us and turned into her whiny self. She didn't understand why she couldn't say hello. They got a good laugh out of it and so did I.


As I was in petsmart I was chastised by an employee for not having my pup under control. She was right, but c'mon. So Charlie and I are starting our regime of improvement, which will include: not jumping on others, walking nicely, and not starting fights. Wow - she sounds like a bad dog when you put it all together like that. But I can already see her learning.

After coming back from our ride, she was pretty pooped and spend some quality time on the balcony while I finished NCIS.


I love the spring. It's always welcome. I love wearing jeans and a t-shirt and being completely comfortable. I love cool evenings and campfires. I love the smell of mulch. I love the sunset in the backyard on a cool night. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I love cutting the grass. I'll have to take the mower hostage when I'm home some weekend and cut the ol' grass again. I don't think the old folks will mind ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009


I just encountered my first problem with my chewed up remote.


It's Friday night and I'm starting my Weekend On the Couch. Yes, I have named it. Mom lent me her season of NCIS. I plan to spend my entire weekend in this seat with my feet up and my eyes on the tv...or closed. I haven't decided about that last part yet. That's beside the point.


As I'm watching episode 2 I realized that the red lipstick is basically shining out of the screne like a spotlight. Along with all things red. So as I searched around the remote, randomly pushing blank buttons, I did many things - none of which included changing the intensity of the color red. I switched from DVD mode to AUX. I froze the screen without hitting pause. I went back to scene one. I also found out there are no subtitles in NCIS.

I searched through my computer to find the pictures of the remote. The ones I took so I could find buttons I needed to find.


See the pause button? Go up 3 and over 1 - thats the picture button. Through the process of elimination I finally found it, because I obviously didn't catch it in this stuning photo.

May not be that exciting for you, but I don't have much to choose from. It's either that or wait for Charlie's little puppy body to freak out and watch her sprint around the apartment. Then I could try and catch it on film - for the 100th time. Sometimes she runs so fast that her back end literally slams into the headrest on the couch. She's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a chihuahua, and can leap corner couches in a single bound.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Duh Ladder

You've heard me talk about "the ladder" for weeks, months even. So I'm here to satisfy your desire to see the ladder. Dear friends, I present to you the Ladder of Success.


I know...a beautiful thing. But I tell ya, it's harder to use than it looks. Each of the pieces on top has a kid's name on it. You move them up and down the ladder depending on their behavior.

The picture of the baby is little Ethan. Their teacher just had a baby and is out on maternity leave, so she sent in a picture of her beautiful boy for her class to see.

Isn't it nice that I have my camera back?? I know I love it. Considering that this was the last picture I took before the battery died...


Yeah...I'd say it's been awhile.

As I'm sitting here typing away - Charlie decides it's time to hit the hay. Isn't she cute?


But here's a better picture. In this picture - you can see the new speakers I got for my laptop! Yay! They are wonderful.


My laptop has become my new tv. Since I don't have cable, I spend a lot of time perusing But the speakers on my laptop are hardly adequate to watching tv. I can barely hear the sound over Charlie running around the apartment. These speakers don't need to be plugged into the wall and they have great sound. Infact I'm enjoying them right now.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Remembers the old commercials for the boys version of the easy-bake oven? Instead of making cookies and small cakes - theirs made jelly looking bugs. They would put this gel into a mold and it would come out solid. The commercial had that ridiculous song. The only thing I remember from it is the part where the boys would jiggle the bug in the camera and the guy would sing "It's alllllive."

All that to say - my camera is alive! Yay! How I've missed it. I've realized that it's no fun to post on my blog without pictures. So be excited - because you will have a new post later that will include pictures! Even if you're not excited - I am!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's been awhile...

Seems that the time between posts these days is ever increasing. Things really haven't changed. Charlie is still whimpering to go outside, the dishes still need to be done (though there are only 3 in the sink this time), and the night still passes all to quickly.

It's already 8 o'clock and I haven't done anything yet. Seems like as soon as I eat dinner the night is over and it's time to get ready for bed.

Today was one of those days that couldn't end fast enough. It seemed that the classes that usually go well totally bombed. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to a fresh start. That's the nice thing about each day - you get to start over.

But now it is time for work. It's become more difficult to stop counting down the days to summer and to focus on what is right now. School is such a rollercoaster and sometimes I just want to get off the ride.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long Hot Summer....again

I'm renewing my love with Paul Newman, actually - there is nothing to renew. I think he is a tremendous actor and a good man. I'm sitting in my bed writing this post and a section of the dialogue just caught my attention:

Allan: "Hows your school?"
Clara: "You mean that free-for-all I run in town? Those 350 young hellions who are making their last stand against me? I wouldn't say it was a summer on the riviera."

Ok, I changed the statement a little - Clara Varner didn't have 350 young hellions, she had 35. Lucky jerk. But anyway - School has been going well-ish. I'm trying new things and starting to see results. I just need to keep pushing through the hard stuff and then things will start to get easier. But I'm not gonna lie - I am really looking forward to summer. Charlie and I are going to have a lot of things to do and lots of places to go. I can't wait to show her off to all the folks in Illinois. I can't wait to drive to Maine and enjoy sleeping in a tent with 1 t0 5 children. I think the number of kids in my tent will depend on the night. But there better be at least 1 or I'll be scared!

For Right now I think I'll spare you the boringness of my life and leave you with some classic and some new phone pics.








Steak n shake_01

The girls_01

The girls

Did you notice that in all the pictures of me - I had long hair? I miss it...and I'm growing it out again. And when I get the urge to cut it off, someone gently remind me that I love long hair. A slap to the face would be a good reminder

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sick Day

I just wrote all this junk about how I'm sick today. Then I erased it because it was all complaining. So here's the gist - I'm sick, I have a fever, and I want to go to my apartment and cuddle with my puppy (even though she doesn't cuddle).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Over stimulation

I got a package from Mom today in the mail via Actually, Charlie got a package from Mom today. Mom told me she had sent something so I was excited to see what it would be. Turns out it was Charlie's favorite toy. Wait, that's not true. In fact, it turned out to SIX of Charlie's favorite toy. Can you say "over stimulation?"







The most exciting thing about this present is the fact that I got to put that old, nasty cone right where it belongs.


In the trash.