Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As I sit here waiting for class to begin, I have the distinct pleasure of listening to my classmates talk about how great they are. Don't believe me? Trying sitting in my seat for the past 30 minutes. It's terrible, no wonder Cooperating Teachers complain about us. As good as we are at what we do - the real problem comes in the fact that we know it.

Instead of being humble and seeking advice and guidance, my classmates choose to give advice and guide their teachers.

I have had the privilege to grow up in a home where talents and gifts are attributed to God. I've always known that whatever talent I may posses belongs to God and should be used to his glory.

Sitting here listening to these kids talk makes me really appreciate the fact that I know who I am living for. As I listen to them talk about how they are amazing and wonderful and perfect, I realized how much I still have to learn about my profession.

Working with two wonderful ladies and Shamona has taught me that I have so much more to much more to seek out.

So thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the education I really needed, along with the education I wished for - to become a humble Physical Education teacher.


  1. Your most welcome. Thanks for being a great daughter!

  2. Smart girl...but of course!!!

  3. Smart girl...but of course!!! (Somehow I clicked publish before I put in my name and it was ME who said that and meant that!)

  4. pshh whatever Karen, that was me!
    okay okay, just kidding. Well done Ginya anddd congrats on SuNdAyY :)