Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Mom and I started decorating Sunday night. It has really started to feel like Christmas, especially when Charlie decided to break in the tree.


This is Charlie's first Christmas, so I was interested to see what she would try and do to the tree. I don't think this tree is as fun as a real tree will be - because this one is fake. And what Charlie did is not what I expected.


As soon as we got the tree up - she plopped right down and started licking. Thanks Charlie. You have made your first Christmas a memorable one.

She has also had this thing going on lately where she sleeps on the top step. When we are in the basement and I lock her down here, she sleeps at the top step to let me know she wants to go upstairs. Though, I can't lock her down there anymore because she fits through the cat door.


But sometimes, it's just where I find her. She just seems to like it.


Then I wake her up by taking pictures and she gives me the look. It's not nearly as mean as Tigger's look, but it's still pretty rough. This is the look of drowsiness, not to be confused with Tigger's look of disdain.


One last photo of the pup: This is Charlie whining at me to get her ball that was under the cabinet - even though she had one right next to her. Some people just want it all.


Oh, and one more thing - I graduate on Sunday. It's very exciting and I can't wait.

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  1. I see Charlie likes to lick the same "area" that Susie licks. She is adorable and the best present under your tree...oh, yeah. She's the only present so far.