Saturday, October 25, 2008

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I'm going to have to vear from the path of "Fall Festival" pictures I promised, but you have to see these. They are mostly all of Charlie, but that's the whole point of this post. So get over it. I'm over it.

My little mangy puppy has been groomed today. Boy, has she ever been groomed. I thought you'd like to see a little of Scruffy Charlie before you see Pretty Charlie. This will help you really see the difference, and it'll give me a chance to show off my puppy.

Two weeks ago I had a ton of work to do, so Esther and I watched a movie in my room instead of downstairs. It gave Esther the opportunity to see what it's like for me. Charlie licks your face, walks on your back, and takes over the bed.

Copy of IMG_2706

She probably does that because she's used to the royal treatment. She those groucho marx eyebrows? Yeah? They're gone now, thanks to the grooming.


She looks so comfy when she sleeps. I wish I could get that comfortable.


Bodil (the breeder) offered to show me how to groom Charlie. Borders aren't you average dog, you can't just clip the hair. You have to strip it, or pull it out by hand. Needless to say, my Little Bearded Lady has never been groomed. But can I just say, she looks fantabulous.

From this:


To this:


It took an hour and a half to get her looking like that. She is so brown, so very brown. Bodil clipped the hair on her belly, trimmed her beard, and eyebrows, and tail, and legs, and neck, and booty. I'm guessing she lost about 15 lbs of hair. Ok, not that much.


She literally looks like a completely different dog. Completely different. I took her to Mom to show off her new do and Mom did a double take. As I'm sure all of you will too when you see her in person again.

Charlie has earned several nicknames since coming to me casa, most of them you see above. But the other nickname I have for her is "Little Fatty." Today I found out that I was right, she is a fatty. Bodil told me that she needs to lose some weight. It's just puppy fat, but it still needs to go. She probably has it because I've been feeding her twice as much as she needs. Oops.

But when you hear how much she needs, you won't think what I'm feeding her is that much. She only needs a 1/2 cup a day. Well, that and all the treats Mom gives her.

But enough about Charlie (bet you never thought you'd hear me say that), on my last day at DMS I took a picture with my 6th grade health class. I love those kids.


See the kids second from the left? The one sitting on the AC? Yeah, he's my favorite. I'm allowed to have a favorite since they aren't my kids. So it's official. He's my favorite. I really loved all of them though and I really miss them.

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  1. charlie looks sooo pretty :) love you, gin <3