Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need sleep!

Auntie Karen asked me if it was harder being the teacher or the student...well...I have an answer for that.

I have more homework as a teacher than I did as a student.

Does that answer the question? Seriously, I do have more homework. So much homework, in fact, that I usually go to school on about 6 and a half hours sleep. Not enough! I'm so tired right now that I think, even if I just let my head fall and smack the desk, I'd be asleep in a heartbeat! I'm literally struggling to keep my eyes open.

But I can do this, I can. I only have 15 more days (including weekends) until my next placement. And that placement will be much, much, much easier.

I just wrote two more paragraphs complaining about my life and after I wrote them - I had to erase them. Life really isn't as bad as I'm making it out - I'm just tired. I'm just very, very tired.

Anyway. I have a slideshow thing that runs on my desktop. The picture changes every15 seconds. It's usually a picture of Charlie or the culberts, since that's basically all the pictures I put onto this computer.

Then this one popped up. Every once in awhile a picture pops up that makes me smile.


Then as I was looking for the picture to upload - I found this one.


Very nice Leia.


  1. It'll get better! And haha to Leia. Hey, I made one of these bloggies.

    Oh yeah, and watch the Sufjan video that's on facebook, he does a sweet cover song.

  2. Nothing is easy when you're tired. I heard a long time ago to never make any important decisions when tired and it's so very true. I had a teacher for a roommate when single and now married to one. Once you've taught a few years and have the lesson plans done, etc., life gets MUCH easier and more fun. Lowell says teaching beats working for a living...but he didn't say that until he'd been teaching a few years!