Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Delay of Game

No - the title is not about the Phillies. What it is about is the fact that xanga/my computer suck right now. I can't download my pictures onto the xanga website which means I can't get them on this blog, which means no more updates about Fall Festival. Ugh.

It works fine on my laptop - but the problem is that my laptop doesn't have all of the fall festival pics on it.

So I'm delayed by the fact that my computer sucks.

Boo. And no - that boo does not go with halloween. It goes with "Boo, I hate this computer but it has Photoshop so I must deal with it.


  1. Poo...and why can't you just load your pics directly to this site?

  2. should've gotten a mac! I bet Char and Esther never say they hate their computers!