Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Passed!!!

Yes! Finally! All our hardwork has paid off. We passed puppy training classes. Aside from being very excited...I'm also very relieved...because now I no longer will be traveling to PetCo every Tuesday night. Charlie didn't seem too impressed though.


Since Esther always made fun of me for wanting to dress up my dog - I figured the only way to impress her was to buy a shirt she could appreciate. Then Esther surprised me by buying a shirt for Charlie all by herself. So here is my return gift.

So here's to you Est.


Unfortunatly I got it a little too small, in this one she has no room to grow. But she looks great in it.


She liked it, even if it was a little tough to get on.


She also liked the bandana. I know, I spoil her. But I'll have you know I haven't bought Charlie anything in weeks, thank you very much.

IMG_2572 - Copy

After I got Charlie, I really didn't think I would dress her up. But, um, it's fun and halloween is coming up - and I have our costume planned already.

I should just rename this blog "Diary of a Dog."


  1. Congrats on passing, Charlie (and love your wardrobe)! I love your hair Gin! Cute cut.

  2. Lets just say that Esther was very happy when she saw Charlie in her Eagles clothes! But, Charlie can wear anything and look good.

  3. Don't worry Charlie...we already got your Christmas present. It's a real team jersey w/ the colors black and gold.