Sunday, September 7, 2008


I keep forgetting we are in Texas. Who knows why...but I do. Anway. Ya know how they say everything is bigger in Texas? Well, they were right.


Things aren't just big...they are very big.


Like the rental car, for example. It's ginormous.


But I expected that since it's a Lincoln.


It has all these crazy features that are awesome, but one thing didn't work that should have - the radio. No matter what button I pushed, or what knob I turned - the only sound we got was bass. Talk about annoying.

When we got the hotel, Mom and I were a little worried about the fact that the door leads directly outside. But then we saw the room and these beds and decided it was perfect. Infact - I'm sitting in this bed right now.


The comforter is great - it keeps my toes from falling off and that makes it a great comforter. Ya see - Mom has the ac pumping on high - so it's a little chillin in here. And by a little I mean that I can see my own breath.

We stopped to see Mom's old house. The window all the way to the left was Mom's first room. The one second to the left was Mom's next room.


We also stopped my LeTourneau to see the plaque that has Zack's name on it. It was cool to see his name there and that he is remembered.


The top of the plaque reads "In Loving Memory of our Students, Faculty, and Staff whose lives have touched our lives."



  1. Texas is SMALL compared to Alaska! Just had to get that in. I didn't know about the plaque on campus...that's neat. Thanks for the pictures.