Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello from PA

There has been a lot going on here. A lot. Frank has started putting in the hardwood floor and tile in the living room. They both look amazing. The tile was done on Wednesday, and lemme tell you - it was no easy task going up the stairs when you can't step on the tile.


The next thing he tackled was the floor.


Charlie didn't seem too impressed.


You must be wondering where all the furniture went - well I'll tell you - it went into the kitchen. And the kitchen went into the garage.


This was our rotten watermelon. It may not look rotten, but it is. It was all soft inside.


When I took Charlie outside to go to the bathroom, I noticed something creepy. In the picture below you'll see the nice blooming purple flowers and a nice tree. Right behind the tree is the creepy rabbit that has no eyeballs. Catch that out of the corner of your eye and you'd be creeped out too.


And since she is soaking wet I have to dry her off so she doesn't get everything dirty.


Lookin good Frank!


And this is all that Mom and Dad left for us to eat. There is no other food in the house. Guess we'll have to ration this to make it until they get home.


Hi Mom and Dad! I tried to leave a paw pring in the dust, but Charlie's paws are so hairy that it didn't work. Then she waltz into the picture and I figured that was good enough.


Hope you are having a nice trip!

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