Monday, September 1, 2008

The Final Product

It took a couple hours and lots of back pain from bending over for so long - but I'm happy with the way it turned out. Now lets just hope I don't scrape it or anything and scratch all the paint off. That could be bad.


I cleaned my room today - well - more like put my clothes away. Because I hadn't done that in about a month, my room was starting to look like a pig pen. Actually, it wasn't starting to look like a pig pen - it did look like a pig pen. So while Charlie slept - I cleaned. Dog's have a great life.

As I was cleaning I looked down and this is what I saw - my puppy asleep on the floor.


Then I took a closer look.


Ouch, that has got to hurt. Below is a video of Charlie, go figure. The reason for this video is to demonstrate for you one of Charlie's favorite past times. Spinning. It starts out innocently enough with a game of tug of war, then escalates to this -

She loves it. The faster the better - and she hasn't thrown up yet. You can tell when she wants to spin because she'll abruptly lay down during tug of war. She's a crazy dog.


  1. Night stand turned out so good! I'm dizzy watching Charlie.

  2. Your nightstand looks amazing! Wow...good Goodwill find. A woman after my own heart :)

    Did you clear coat it? You definitely should. That way you won't be able to chip it.