Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spoiled and Loving It

Things are a-changin. Charlie is like a whole new dog. She roams the house like it's nobody's business. The best is watching her go down the stairs from behind - it's hilariously cute. I cut her nails and beard yesterday as well. Her beard was getting a little long and I wasn't sure if that was something I would need to be attending to - but it was ugly - so I attended to it. I attended to her beard, her ears, her tail, and her eyes.

Her beard has also provided me with another nickname. The video you'll see below is My Little Bearded Lady going down the stairs. I had to race her down the stairs to get this very short video. Such a relief to have her going down the stairs - I was beginning to think she never would.

In other news - School starts tomorrow. Boo. Which means I need to read my 75 page manual for student teaching tonight as well as get all of my junk together. Ugh. Luckily for me, Downingtown doesn't start school til the 2nd of September. So I still have this week of freedom - kinda. I'll need to start working on homework, because after glancing through my manual I realized I'm not going to have a life during student teaching. Yippee.

Aside from all the outside work and stress, I am very excited to start student teaching, but I am also very, very nervous. God plunked me down in Downingtown for a reason and I'm gonna roll with it.

At this point you might be wondering why this entry is called "Spoiled and Lovin It." Well - it's because of Mom. She went shopping with Char and came back with some goodies for the pup. Two new toys and some treats that Charlie devours in about 2 seconds.

A new Lion and Giraffe for Charlie. As well as the cigar/treat hanging out of her mouth.


I thought I had Charlie's favorite toy pegged a long time ago with the blue elephant. But She has a new favorite. These are Mr. Potato Head shoes she found in the sandbox. If every toy is put away in her basket - this is the one she will go pick out. It was just so cute to see Charlie's shoes next to Cricket's.


Aslo, I'd like to know when I lost my bed. If we are downstairs and Charlie is tired - she will sit at the bottom of the stairs and let me know that she is ready to take a nap on "her" bed. In fact - that is where she is at this very moment.


So proper.


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