Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just got back Sunday night from a fabulous weekend in Pittsburgh and was so exhausted from all the fun that I have just now stumbled my way to the computer to tell you about it. One of my best friends from school is getting married this november and last weekend we celebrated her bachelorette party and bridal shower. It was fantastic and fun.

For the bachelorette party we started at Jess' house and gave her all the goodies every new bride will need. This is Jess in the chair that all of her female relatives sit in during such parties. A good family tradition. And no she was not posing for this picture.




Then headed out to a place called Sing-Sing. It's a dueling piano bar where you pay to here a song and the pianists play it while entertaining the crowd with laughter. And if they catch you not participating - they will completely call you out. It was so much fun. This picture is of one of the piano players seducing a 60 year old woman with an "accordian for children ages 6-12."


Here are all the West Chester girls with Jess. She is the one in the bright pink dress - in case you could't tell which one is the bride to be.


Caption: "I'm going to take a picture of my shoes, would you like to be in it?" Esther got me these for my birthday and they are fabulous!


The next day was the bridal shower with all her family and friends. So fun and cute. Julie (her twin sister) did a great job of putting the whole thing together with games. I got Jess an apron off of her registry - she looked adorable in it.


The whole weekend was amazing and fun. I loved it. Congratulations Jess and Zac - you're gonna be great together.


Might I add that they will be making very pretty babies some day.

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