Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Routine

I know I said I wasn't going to let her sleep with me. But, if I remember right, I said I wouldn't let her sleep with me "right away." But my girl is potty trained and amazing. And I have found that if I let her sleep with me - I get to sleep in. Which is one thing I haven't done since June 26th.

But since my bed is not very big, she doesn't last long because I want to be able to move my feet. So our night always starts the same. I climb in bed to read, watch a movie, or play Wii, while Charlie runs around to get rid of her last bit of energy.

When she is content with her level of tiredness, I pull her into bed with me and she plunks down at the end of the bed - where she remains until I decide to go to bed. At which point I pick her up, put her on the floor, and watch her walk to her crate to go to bed.


Except for one time that she didn't quite make it anywhere. She must have been half asleep when I put her on her bed because she didn't even bother to get comfortable - she just dropped.


Then in the morning at a time of her choosing, she sits on the floor next to my bed and whines. Then she whines some more. Then I wake up, say hello, and pull her into bed with me. But this time she doesn't just sleep - she. licks. everything. She licks my face, my arms, my hands, my pillow, my sheets, my comforter - everything she can get her tongue on.

I love this part because this is when we actually get to cuddle - she isn't big into cuddling, but in the wee early hours of the morning she does. She falls asleep with her head on my arm. She is so close that if I wanna pull the covers up - she gets covered too.


I love this part so much that if I have to get up at 8, I'll set my alarm for 7:45 so that Charlie and I can have some cuddle time. Because as soon as she hears my alarm she is right there ready to go.

I love our new routine. It may seem like she is spoiled - but she isn't, ok she is, but not in this part of her life. I didn't get a dog to crate her all day and night. I got a dog because I love dogs, and Charlie has turned out to be exactly what I wished for.


  1. You could do like Grandma (who wasn't going to let her dog sleep with her) and trade in your twin for a double bed!!!

  2. It's the face! She makes you melt.