Friday, August 29, 2008

A Double Dose

Today was a first for Charlie. Today was/is her first sick day. She threw up earlier (I wasn't home, lucky me!) and ate grass the last time she was outside - so I'm sure she'll be throwing up later.

This was Charlie at 2pm.


This is Charlie at the current time - 7:03. She has been sleeping since 2. My poor baby.


In other news, I started my project today. I started painting the nightstand that I got at goodwill. It took several steps to get to now, and several hours. Let's just say I started this project around the time that Charlie fell asleep...anyway.

I started with a blank canvas. A white nightstand.


After rigging up my contraption to project the design onto the nightstand - I made sure it stayed in place by using tape. The caption to this picture should be: "You touch it you die." This was mainly directed to Charlie. In case you're wondering, that is a projector on 2 DVDs on a box on a box.


The next step was tracing the design onto the nightstand. It wasn't the most comfortable thing I've ever done - but there was no other way.


The paint colors are the same ones from my room. The blue from the ceiling and the brown from the walls. I looked in Dad's shop for my ceiling paint, I couldn't find it at first. But then I saw some blue paint on the outside of a can and hoped it was mine.


Thanks Dad :)

Then - painting. I ran into a snag when I realized that the paint wasn't sticking to the nightstand. Which I knew was going to happen, but I stupidly decided to do it anyway without sanding it first. Dumb. I had already dismantled my contraption so I decided to forge ahead.


I'm happy with the finished product, but I'll have to put a clear coat on it and hope that Charlie doesn't decide to scratch her nails down it. The paint peels right off.


Wow - it looks way more perfect in the picture than it does in person. One side down, one to go. And I'll hopefully be doing something on the draw face too. But we'll have to wait and see.

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  1. I love your looks great. And doggies do get sick. Our vet said sometimes they'll just eat a bug outside and get sick. Oye vey.