Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a Personality

It's been a long and grueling 6 days. I don't know if you knew this already - but I'm a night person. I like to be up late and sleep in late. It has never been a problem for me to stay up til 3 am. Who knows why - but it's true. But ever since I brought my furry friend home, things have changed drastically.


Now I go to bed promptly at 11:30 and get up at 2, 6, and 8. Hmm...that seems like too many numbers doesn't it? Well, until my little one is potty trained and has a larger bladder, I'll be sticking with 3 wake up calls.


The past few days have been all about getting to know my girl. Not only the fun stuff like which toy is her favorite, or how she likes to run in figure eights, or even how she turns in circles while I get her food...but I'm also getting her routine down; like the fact that she always goes poop about 10 minutes after she eats, and that she takes 2 hour naps at 9 and 1, then 1 hour naps at 5 and 8. And bedtime is strictly at 10pm, and then I get to do whatever I want, until 11:30 anyway.


I've started to countdown the moments til bedtime or nap time. Nap time is one of my favorite times because I get to sleep too. We may get up at 8, but we don't last very long. Now I plan my day around her naps. I need to run to Walmart to get some pictures printed for the relative in Illinois and stop at the pet store, so I'll do that tomorrow during her nap. I like to leave her in her crate when she'll mostly be sleeping.


It's been a joy. Charlie and I are learning together. Many people have made the comment "It's just like having a baby." Oh my goodness is that ever true. When I leave the house with her I have to make sure I pack everything she'll need. When I put her to bed I stick some of her favorite toys in her crate. But boy does my baby have an attitude. She will follow me when I walk, if she wants. She'll go potty on command, if she wants. She'll even bring back the ball I threw for her, if she wants.


She's recieved several nicknames so far. There are the crazy ones like Thumper and Spaz. Thumper because of the way her back leg shakes like the bunny in Bambi and Spaz because, well, she is one. But I've also given her more loving nicknames like Little Girl, Little One, and Baby.


I'll have more to share as time goes on, but for right now I thought I'd let you in on all the fun I'm having. I love her so much already and I'm so grateful that I get to have her with me. The video below is Charlie's first encounter with the purple frisbee. It's been sitting on the shelf since she came home, but she just discovered it 2 days ago and this is what happened:


  1. good one. But why is it always me and Charlie? It should be you!!

  2. Frank and I loved the frisbee video....she is a spaz: )

  3. She's precious! Terriers are a smart breed and learn fast!