Thursday, July 3, 2008

So Long

All the cleaning, all the organizing, and all the picking up went bye-bye. No longer do I have a clean and tidy room. Nope, not anymore. Not since this little punk moved in.


In preparation for potty training I put a rug down, and soon found out that just one rug wasn't enough. She decided that peeing on the rug wasn't very fun so she went for the carpet instead. So the next tactic was to cover the carpet completely. It's been working out well, now instead of staining the rug, she is staining the towels and throw rugs. Which is fine with me.


But I do miss my nice and tidy room.


Until my little lady is potty trained I'll be dealing with the towels. We have come a long way in 1 week. She understands what "go potty" means, but doesn't always choose to follow orders. I guess that is the terrier stubborness in her.


Currently I have been enjoying a bit of freedom because Charlie has been sleeping for almost 3 hours straight. This is just unheard of and I can barely believe it. I've caught up emails and even got to shower, blow dry, and straighten my hair. Craziness.

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