Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

Charlie's tickle spots have given my family and I hours of fun. It never gets old to scratch her and watch her feet go crazy. I used to think that there was one certain spot that makes a dog's legs go crazy. Who knows, maybe when she grows up she'll grow out of a couple spots, but right now there are three main areas of fun.

IMG_2300 copy

Area 1 is located right where her hair ends on her belly. It never fails to entertain. It works on both sides, and the leg that shakes matches the side you scratch.

If you scratch right on the white patch of hair in Area 2, she has a hard time deciding which leg she should shake - because more times than not, we do this to her while she is standing up. Its just more fun that way.

The third and final area is the hardest one. This one takes some trial and error and doesn't work everytime. But if you catch her in a moment of bliss and scratch her neck then you may get to see a rare leg shake because of it.

I do have a video of this - but it's very dark, so you're just going to have to bear with me until I can get a clearer video.

This Thursday it will officially be three weeks that Charlie and I have been together. It's a beautiful thing. I've definitely lost some statis with the Culbert kids lately. Now when they see me all I hear is "Where's Charlie?" But I'm glad they like her, even if my ego is a little bruised.

At first I couldn't tell if Charlie knew that she was mine. But lately I've seen that she does. It's exciting and exactly what I wanted in a dog. She follows me around and even listens to me. I love it. We are bonding and I have proof.

This is my view when I get dressed, especially on Sunday mornings.


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  1. ANTSYLVANIA. Although I don't remember much from it. Mostly the song. That picture is soo cute, by the way.