Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh yes we did

On Tuesday we went on a tour of the Capital building in D.C. But this wasn't just any tour - this was a "private tour." Private in the sense that we got to go into rooms that no other tour gets to see. The reason we got so lucky was because of Zack's best friend from school, Steve Barton. Steve's dad gives the tour. The tour/day of conferences is for pastors from all over the country.


Like I said, this wasn't your average tour. Instead of hearing about when it was built and when the declaration was signed and all the junk the average person hears - we got to hear about the Christian foundation on which our country was built. We got to hear about the things the history books don't tell us. We got to see documents that members of congress sent out asking people to pray and fast.


It was truly amazing and was one of the most incredible things I've ever gotten to do. It gave me a new sense of patriotism.

Daniel Webster was one of my favorite people to hear about. This man have chapters upon chapters of the Bible memorized. When he was six years old his teacher gave the kids a special assignment - On Saturday as school was ending he told the kids that whoever memorized the most verses by Monday would win a pen knife. Daniel Webster was the youngest kid in the school and after reciting 61 verses the teacher asked him if he had much left. Daniel replied that he had more to recite. The teacher asked how much more, and Daniel replied "Several more chapters, Sir." Just incredible.


Daniel Webster used to practice speaking by reading the Bible out loud. One of his favorite books to read was the book of Job. Mr. Barton told us that when Daniel read the voice of God the door would shake on it's hinges. People used to stand outside of his office to hear him read.


We got to go into the room the senate uses today. We also got to go into the old senate room that is no longer in use. We also got to go into the senate's reception room. The best was the prayer room that is used by congressmen. That was another room no one gets to see on the regular tour - for obvious reasons.


Mr. Barton also told us about Pocahontas. When she was 13 she was baptised and changed her name to Rebecca. Back in her day you had to research and really think about becoming a christian before you were baptized - the allotted time was one year. After that year Pocahontas decided to change her name and was hence forth known as Princess Rebecca, even in the presence of the Queen of England.


The tour brought a whole new perspective to the capital and the men that founded our nation.


A big thank you to the Barton family for allowing us to tag along.



  1. Good one. You need to send the picture of the sign to Steve!

  2. So neat you guys got to do this. Thanks for the great narrative and the pictures, Ginner. Just a reminder we do need to pray for those in government, especially the Christians who really have to stand alone on many things.

  3. Ginner,

    Let me be the first person to wish you a happy 23rd birthday!